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Design from both sides of the brain
Graphic Design / Multimedia
Ad Design - Print, Album/CD/DVD Design, Billboard/Poster Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design, Business Document Design, Digital Illustration, Logo Design, Other Graphic Design, Package Design, Page/Book/Magazine Layout, Photo Editing/Retouching, User Interface Design
Energy, Oil, Gas, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other, Federal, State, Local Governments, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
Over 20 years
Dallas, Texas  United States
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The Left Brain side of me really gets into process… what’s the smartest way to proceed? how best to divide a production task into the minimum series of user actions that will achieve the goal? Can some aspect of a large production benefit from automation? My Right Brain lets me riff on color and composition, on developing the WOW factor that goes into good creative.  

Since 1991, when I first started freelancing, I have gravitated toward long-documents such as corporate annual reports (more than 120), catalogs, user guides and books. I have also excelled at complicated architectural drawings and Photoshop retouching. I work both with design studios and directly with my own clients. The direct client scenario that suits me best is a medium-sized company still led by its founders - who are capable of making decisions without bureaucratic entanglement. I quickly grasp the business issues and workflow, and this builds immediate rapport with the founder(s) and any project managers I may work with. If it is a manufacturing company, it will be noted how rapidly I come to understand their product line from many angles: engineering, process control, production, distribution and marketing. Each of these angles represents potential collateral that addresses an entirely different audience.

My experience designing and producing with the print tools of the Adobe Creative Suite dates back to the first versions of each application. Consequently, my production speed is energetic and fluid, as I have internalized the important keyboard commands in these programs. As a designer, my process starts with letting my instinct speak to me and taking note of my first impressions: what would make an impact on me, would get MY attention? what color combinations are exciting and tasteful? and empty space - how should this created world be cropped for a new perspective?

I believe it is an artist’s duty to absorb as much knowledge as possible - not just about a client’s product line (which goes without saying), but about the world. Everything one reads, every place one travels to, every person one is happy to meet - all of these form surfaces in a designer’s work.
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