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** Who We Are **

Write Research Office is a professional website optimization, copy-writing and data research service owned and operated by copywriter and small business consultant Ian Patterson. We have been here since 2004 helping people like you improve your business.

** What We Do **

We provide small businesses and website owners with clear, effective and SE optimized copy-writing, press releases, letters, personal profiles, web copy and marketing material, in fact, anything you need written to get your business moving.

** And No-One Wants A Stagnant Business, Right? **

We provide anything you need from a ten-word tag line to a five thousand-word white paper, from one page to one thousand pages. Whatever you need, we will get your message across persuasively and drive business to you.

** What We Can Do For You **

{} We provide you the power of our words and website optimization skills to get your business moving, but it is not just the words, it is how they are formatted and optimized. We use the words your reader is thinking.

{} We use eye scanning to your advantage, keeping your visitors on your page inviting them to take the next step and bring business your way.

{} You get a friendly and conversational style that is perfect for business writing – professional but casual.

{} Whether you want a single flier or a complete website, you will get clear and understandable content addressing your reader’s problem with the benefits of your service or product.

{} We ask you all the right questions so we can understand who your customers are and why they are reading the writing – which just happens to be the most important part of the whole project.

{} You will get a fresh set of eyes from someone on the outside looking in while definitely thinking outside the box.

** Why You Need A Professional Writer **

Things are a bit different to the way they were ten years ago. The world is moving at a faster pace and marketing is everywhere. It either is a case of get ahead or get lost in the crowd – your choice.

Your message can be the same as everyone else and be overlooked like everyone else or you can improve your website optimization content that is going to catch their eye. In a world full of information overload, people are bombarded left and right with the same old marketing messages.

** Give Them Something Different. **

You need a professional writer that will give your readers a clear message of exactly how they will benefit from your services. Quality copy-writing will turn your readers into customers.

** Woo Them With Words **

One thing webmasters, website owners and business owners in general, forget is that you cannot force people to come into your store or onto your website. However, you can entice them with well-written copy designed to get reactions.

And that is what I am offering you. Let me know what you want and I will give you a quote of how we will achieve it.
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