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Photography / Videography
Commercial/Advertising Photography, Journalistic Photography, Journalistic Videography, News Photography, Other Photography, Other Videography, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography
Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
Over 20 years
Fremont, Ohio  United States
Work Onsite:
I am a native of Attica, Ohio. I attended the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, and crafted my own work-study program, earning academic credits by working as a photographer for the Kettering-Oakwood Times. I then began working for the Xenia (Ohio) Daily Gazette while in college.
  • High Five

    Leigh Beining gives her little nephew a high five before her wedding

  • Big Day

    Katie Bower gets ready for her wedding.

  • The Whole Gang

    The members of the Bower-Chapman wedding.

  • Chef Tim

    Chef Tim Smith of the Real Seafood Company shot for Lake Erie Living Magazine.

  • Katie Chapman

    Photo of Bride Katie Chapman.

  • Rewards

    Shot for Success from the Home Magazine.

  • Willie Mason

    Willie Mason of the French Quarter in New Orleans

  • Nellie Smith

    Nellie Smith of the French Quarter in New Orleans

  • Girl on Steps

    A young girl looks for her mother while on a set of steps in New Orleans.

  • Hydrant Baptism

    A teenager pretends to baptise a young child while in his graduation gown in an open fire hydrant.

  • Band

    The Western Michigan Marching band

  • Dominican Duel

    Two young baseball players arm wrestle in the Dominican Republic to see who gets to bat first in their upcoming game.

  • Empire State building

    The Empire State building reflects in a nearby window

  • The King

    Fight Promoter Don King walks down the New York streets at the Republican National Convention

  • Art Deco Beauty

    A Kodak Bantam camera from the 1920's.

  • Pre-Wedding Primping

    A young boy gets prepped for the Beinning wedding.

  • Silverton, Texas Tornado

    A van tries to cross the road in front of a tornado near Silverton, Texas.

  • The Eyes Have It

    A participant in the Middle eastern Fest in Perrysburg, Ohio.

  • Frozen Foot

    A lost shoe sits on a frozen puddle.

  • Video Production sample from Greensburg, Kansas F5

    May 4th, 2007 an EF5 tornado destroyed the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. Me and my storm chase group MESO were among the first on the scene, this ... Read more

  • Tiffin Tornado

    A killer tornado rips through the downtown of Tiffin, Ohio November 10th, 2002

  • Evening Splendor

    A beautiful evening sunset on Fripp Island, South Carolina.

  • Hurricane Bonnie

    A native of North Carolina refuses to leave his "Home" during Hurricane Bonnie

  • Heat Treatment

    A glass goes through a heat treatment at Libbey Glass in Toledo, Ohio.

  • Oklahoma Tribute

    The image of a cowboy hat is projected onto a makeshift memorial at the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.

  • Non-reflective Glass Comparrison

    Was shot for Pilkington Glass of Toledo, Ohio for a comparison of standard glass, on the left vs. their new non-reflective glass on the right. at J. F... Read more

  • Spitfire Pass

    A member of the Toledo Spitfire women's football team makes a throw during practice.

  • Twisted Taclke

    A Browns running back is twisted as he is tackled during a game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Up-Ended

    Mike Casselman of the Toledo Storm checks an opponent during a game.

  • Wedding Day

    Doug Friess gets ready for hs wedding near Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Bird's Eye View

    A Billboard in Toledo, Ohio

  • Migrant Morning

    A Migrant worker walks through the fields in Old Fort, Ohio.

  • Husband's Hat

    Husband's Hat

  • Cake Topper

    Cake Topper

  • Last Dance

    Last Dance

  • Fixing Veil

    Fixing Veil

  • Waiting for wedding

    Waiting for wedding

  • Bride and Daughter

    Bride and Daughter

  • First Dance

    Stephanie Good and Stephen Vieger dance the bridal dance after they were married in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Kiss

    Bride and groom kiss at their reception in a quiet moment

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