Two Cat Studio

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Traditional Art (Illustration / Painting)
Clay Sculpting, Metal Sculpting/Casting, Other Sculpting, Wax Sculpting, Wood Sculpting
Construction, Building, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Other Leisure, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
Over 20 years
San Pedro, CA  United States
2 - 5
Work Onsite:
Two Cat Studio (Ann and Mike Hosch - proprietors) is a custom sculpture vendor service that creates 3-dimensional images for architects and architectural detail companies, art directors, sculptors, designers, builders, installers and the entertainment industry.
 We carve and fabricate in all the different weight foams, wood and plaster, and model in waterbased clay and plastilinas. We do research, design development, maquettes, prototypes, models, molds and casts.
 Two Cat Studio will respond to all bids for custom sculpture, from one-offs to multiple reproductions; miniatures to heroic scale.
 We'll make an original design for you, help you develop your design, or recreate public domain, copyright - free existing work.
 We are hugely experienced, very accurate, take great pride in our work and really like what we do. If you need sculpture, or have a 3-dimensional problem or want to know how to make a sculptural item - give us a call - 310-241-0199.
  • Ann and Fertility

    Ann finishing a 12' figure carved in 2 Lb. polyurethane foam. The figure, titled "Fertility", is a model for a fiberglass installation for the new Tre... Read more

  • Fertility closeups

    Fertility is one of two 12 foot high niche figures made by Moonlight Molds, Inc. for the new Trevi fountain at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Fertility maquette

    Two shots of the 12" design maquette Submitted to Dugal Design for approval before we started carving the full sized model. The maquette took three da... Read more

  • Trevi Fountain miniature model

    There were no shop drawings for the shell - rock - waterfall - pool area of the fountain. Once Terry Dugal approved this one inch scale model it was s... Read more

  • Oceanus composite

    16 inch design maquette for the Oceanus model. The figure is modelled in Chavant CM-70 over a flexible aluminum and steel armature. the supporting she... Read more

  • Paris Opera dome facade composite

    "Paris" Hotel - Casino, Las Vegas, NV - The dome, columns and decorative panels for the replica of the Paris Opera are all cast and painted FRP (Fiber... Read more

  • Jeckel & Hyde grotesque

    A pair of these gargoyles sit on the lintel above the main doorway to the Jeckel and Hyde club in Chicago, Ill. Figure is based on an existing animatr... Read more

  • Blue Lamassu

    18 foot high, 2 Lb. foam (Polyurethane foam comes in a variety of colors, the blue can be a little shocking) figure of an Assyrian diety. They appear ... Read more

  • Lamassu Portrait

    Top half of the Lamassu figure ready for shipment. An important part of making large pieces of sculpture is figuring out how to break them up for ship... Read more

  • FRP Lamassus ready for shipment

    Moonlight Molds cast five of these beasts to go atop five screen signs at the Citadel Outlets Mall, City of Commerce, CA.

  • Flying Lamassu

    The fiberglass castings were fitted with pickpoints so that they would fly evenly. Makes the installers job easier and safer. The signs the figures ar... Read more

  • Roaring Lion Scupper for Colton Bldg.

    Roaring Lion portrait 20" H x 16" wide x 12" deep, cast in fiberglass. Three of these ferocious guys were used to hide overflow scuppers on the front ... Read more

  • Lion head wall mount

    This lion portrait (30" high x 20" wide x 10" deep) was modeled in WED 217 (A blend of ball clays). Done for 'Sculptor's Pride'. Final installation wa... Read more

  • Lion mascot for El Monte High School

    Lion Panel for the El Monte Lions, El Monte, CA. Finished concrete panel measured 10' W x 13' H x 10" deep.

  • Oversized lion portrait

    Portrait measures 38" H x 28" W x 20" deep. Made to resemble a library lion head - polychromed plaster.

  • Duracell 'Dance Marathon'

    On screen the Duracell puppets looked small, they were actually about two feet tall. These puppets were modelled in WED 217 0ver flexible armatures.

  • Duracell 'Dance Marathon'

    'Dance Marathon' directed by Richard Taylor (Man in white hat, lower left image) who also designed and puppeteered the puppets for this commercial. Do... Read more

  • On the Edge

    Polished bronze figure done for a woman body builder in Venice, CA. Figure and base are 36" high. The two upper images are the original clay piece.

  • Bear

    Life size portrait of Bear, a Labrador-Akita mix. Modeled in WED 217

  • Zelinda Mora

    Zelinda was a neighbor when I lived in Venice, CA. She has a classic castilian profile, and at the age of 83 was still quite handsome. Modeled in WED ... Read more

  • Handgun

    Carved basswood on a teak base. The thumb - hammer is positionable. Makes a definite statement about people and firearms.

  • 'Stargate' the movie

    Props and sets for most of the exterior shots were built in the Imperial Dunes, CA. just outside Yuma, AZ. Afternoon temps could exceed 125F. Sculptur... Read more

  • 'Stargate' the movie - city of Nagada

    In the film the City of Nagada looks huge (Thousands of buildings). In reality we built - carved twelve spray foam buildings from sixty feet high to ... Read more

  • HARRAH'S Hotel - Casino, Las Vegas, NV

    120' sign was carved in 2 Lb. polyurethane foam. Tooled, cast and shipped in 12 -ten foot sections. The jesters had to be cut in half to be shipped. C... Read more

  • HARRAH'S Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV foam jesters

    The Jester figures were more than heroic scale (The lower leg from top of knee to bottom of foot measured 9 feet long). So big, that four and five scu... Read more

  • Fireplace surround, Walnut St residence

    Surround is 13'-6" wide x 11' - 6" high x 2' deep. Supports left & right are lifesized atlantes figures cast in steel reinforced concrete and fireclay... Read more

  • Fireplace surround detail

    The atlantes figures were modeled in WED 217, cast in a concrete - powdered fireclay mixture, and finished in wax and graphite powder. The wax and gra... Read more

  • Handgun - bronze version

    This is a bronze casting of the original basswood carving. The Piece measures 16" wide x 7 3/4" high x 4 " deep.

  • Cast GFRG Moroccan arch

    A glass fiber reinforced gypsum cement casting (Completely fireproof, passes any state's firecode). This piece is incredibly detailed, however it's ma... Read more

  • Half model for Moroccan Arch

    The arch model (At 6' wide) was designed to repeat on itself to make an arch 12' wide, so we only made one 6' model. Model, mold and casts made at Moo... Read more

  • Moroccan Arch right side

    Detail of Moroccan arch. There were five of these arches installed in the main hallway. Installed in a private home in Santa Barbara, CA, by McCoy Co... Read more

  • Modified Corinthian Capital

    This 2 Lb. foam model is a shortened version of the Corinthian architectural order (A full cap would have an additional course of acanthus leaves and ... Read more

  • Stage #30 at Sony Pictures - "Planet of the Apes"

    Almost as big as a football field with a 55' ceiling, stage #30 is the pool stage where they used to shoot many of the Ester Williams films. This shot... Read more

  • "Planet of the Apes" - Stage #30 - Sony Pictures

    This picture was taken on the first day of shooting at stage #30. There were anywhere from 15 to 30 sculptors carving rock and masonry forms at any on... Read more

  • Ornament fragments for the Getty Museum

    Featured here is a crown molding for the Regeance Room and parts of the ceiling rosace for the Seligman Room. Models, molds and casts done at Moonligh... Read more

  • 4 Lb. foam eagle restoration for L. A. museum

    This eagle measures seven feet from wingtip to wingtip. It replaces an eagle that was originally installed on the front facade of the Los Angeles Mus... Read more

  • Salamander Fountain - Longwood Gardens

    This fountain is one of a dozen scaled down (Kid sized) attractions for an interior, kid's water park at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia. Fountain de... Read more

  • Sauda portrait composition

    This portrait, modeled in WED 217 (A mixture of three different ball clays) is based on a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • Penguin Army miniatures

    Flexible cast urethane penguin soldiers and the 'Bat Flyer' modeled in WED217 for Dreamquest Images, Simi Valley, CA.

  • Bronze snail

    This snail is 10 times bigger than a typical escargo snail. 7 1/2" long x 3' high x 3 1/2" wide, weighs 2 lbs.

  • Bronze Snail

    There's something comforting about this piece. It's a very pleasant experience to pick it up and hold it.

  • Animated Bartender for Fosters Beer commercial

    Modeled in WED217 and cast in FRP for Steve Johnson's XFX. This colorful character actually threw cans of Fosters Beer about 20 feet away at a very f... Read more

  • Independence Day desert flyover set

    This miniature set at 33 feet in diameter was built on a scale of 9 inches to the mile. It had several concealed portholes where cameras could get wid... Read more

  • Le Reve Ceiling rosace

    This rosace occurs on the ceiling of the Le Reve casino wherever two hallways intersect. It measures 15 feet long by 13 feet wide by 2 feet deep. Scul... Read more

  • Le Reve Ceiling Rosace half model

    This is the biggest rosace I've ever made for any client. Pictured here are John and Flash working one half of the model.

  • Modified Corinthian capital for Ceasars Palace

    This capital is also a shortened version of the Corinthian order. Changes to the different architectural orders are something Palladio warned against.... Read more

  • Scamozzi Capital

    This is a very large capital. The top of the shaft was 22" in Dia.. Final parts were cast GFRC. For a private home in Georgia.

  • Standard Corinthian Capital

    This is a standard Corinthian Capital, one quarter model, that was split in half and flipped left and right to insure proper take-up. Carved in 4 Lb. ... Read more

  • Composite capital image

    This is two shots of the same Taro leaf panel composited in Photoshop. There was only one panel - the client wasn't sure what the corners would look l... Read more

  • Lifesize Black Rhino

    Painted fiberglass casting. It looks heavy and massive - actually weighs less than fifty pounds.

  • Miniature African Animals

    Animal portraits have always been a passion. None of these pieces have a dimension greater than six inches

  • Cocoon dolphins and pods

    Most of the onscreen dolphins weren't real. They were Skinflex and fiberglass puppets operated by human puppeteers. Done for Bob Short Productions.

  • Statue of Liberty at five feet high

    Modeled in WED 217 at Jim Casey's Imagemakers Studio in Venice, CA. Modeled by Jim Casey, Jan Seather and Mike Hosch. Final FRP model was used for a D... Read more

  • Corner cove for Louie Restaurant

    Chavant NSP Hard, modeled on a plaster corner cove buck. This model went through six major revisions (Including enlarging the plaster buck) before the... Read more

  • Dracula for Duracell commercial

    Dracula puppet is painted fiberglass at 16 inches high. Made in the modelshop at the old Apogee Co. in Van Nuys, CA

  • Duracell commercial - boxers

    These Puppets are painted fiberglass at 22" high. Done for Rick Lazzarini's 'CreatureShop'

  • Arch model

    Full size plaster design model for a series of eight arches supported by columns in a domed bathroom. For a private home in Santa Barbara.

  • Arch Model in progress

    To be architecturally correct - flawless - design models like this demand a lot of careful attention. This model was made in the sculpture Dept. at Mo... Read more

  • Arch, transom and dome section

    A finished arch section springing from double capitals, with transom, supporting a one eighth muqarna dome section.

  • Arch and dome sections

    Columns, capitals, arches and dome sections coming together. Finished dome is 18 feet high.

  • Eagle unveiling

    Supervisor Ridley-Thomas unveils the new eagle statue at the Natural History Museum - July, 2009.

  • Ceiling star ornament.

    This is a traditional Moroccan star design surrounded by a running weave pattern. Used as a HVAC ceiling vent. For a private home in Santa Barbara.

  • Ornamental cove molding

    Intricate detail like this requires a lot of careful measuring of wall length and increment size to come out evenly. For a private home in Santa Barb... Read more

  • Ionic capital

    A low rise capital in the traditional Ionic order of architecture carved in 2 Lb. urethane foam.

  • USD clockface

    A 4 Lb. foam clockface for a new building at the University of San Diego.

  • Horizontal acanthus panel

    4 Lb. foam carved acanthus panel for a new building at USD.The lower image is a full sized, plotted photo of the existing ornament we were asked to du... Read more

  • Midband pilaster parts

    4 Lb. foam pilaster carving for a new building at USD.

  • Exterior ornament for USC

    4 Lb. foam acanthus panel for USC's School of Cinematic Arts. A loose and stylized treatment of acanthus leaf.

  • Left and right details for USC

    Mirror image foam details for USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

  • Acanthus ornament for USC

    This is a 4 Lb. foam acanthus leaf medallion with a film reel in the center. For the new School of the Cinematic Arts at USC. Some of the ornament for... Read more

  • Exterior ornament USC

    This is an ornamental concrete panel over the main entrance to the School of Cinematic arts.

  • Gallery angel Paris Hotel Casino

    One of the FRP Gallery Angels ornamenting the exterior of the Paris Opera building at Paris Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Paris Hotel Casino

    This group of figures, carved in 2 Lb. urethane foam, was copied and modified from a similar limestone group in an exterior gallery at Garniers' Opera... Read more

  • Bedded brackets

    The top bracket is carved from 4 Lb. urethane foam and is about 3 feet high. The bottom bracket is 4 feet wide, five feet high and 3 feet deep and is... Read more

  • Bromeliad Panel

    Stylized bromeliad carved in 4 Lb. foam for Hotel Honua Kai on the Island of Oahu.

  • Atlantes Right side

    One of two lifesize Atlantes figures for a fireplace surround. Cast in gypsum cement and fire clay and finished in wax and graphite powder. For a Priv... Read more

  • 18" Sean Connery puppet figure

    Animatronic Sean Connery puppet for a go-motion sequence in the film "Never Say Never Again". Puppet is made from latex rubber and fiberglass. Arms, h... Read more

  • Hermes

    Iconic female Hermes figure in polychromed fiberglass.

  • Gibson Girl capital

    This Two headed "Gibson Girl" capital was modeled in WED 217 on a plaster shaft. Done for Von Hausen Studios, it was part of the lavish ornament for R... Read more

  • Bernini Horsehead

    Polychromed plaster casting of one of Bernini's baroque horses. I think that Bernini was the best multi-disciplined sculptor ever.

  • Porthole Figures

    These two reliefs were made for the "Paris Hotel Casino" in Las Vegas, NV. The figures were copied and modified from transom panels above entryways at... Read more

  • 8 foot figure for Paris Hotel Casino

    Draped eight foot figure carved in 2 Lb. urethane foam for an interior pavillion. Installed figure was polychromed FRP.

  • Sturdy Figure

    Three views of a nine inch bronze figure

  • Foam gargoyle for "Armageddon"

    Copied and modified from one of the stone gargoyles from atop Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. Done for Dreamquest Images, Simi Valley, CA.

  • Assyrian relief figures

    These 20 foot high Assyrian diety figures are installed at the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center in downtown Hollywood. Although colossal in scal... Read more

  • Terrordog puppet for "Ghostbusters"

    Fiberglass substrate, foam latex skins and cables - just another rubber monster. modeled, molded and cast at Boss Film's Creature Shop. The fullsized ... Read more

  • Stage #30 Planet of the Apes

    View of the north side of the stage. Principal carving done by Kenny Garret, J. Bryan Holloway and Sara Huber.

  • Terra Cotta Army figures for "Solar Crisis"

    Painted plaster foam carvings based on the 'Terra Cotta' Army figures from the Qin Dynasty. Done for Boss Film. "Solar Crisis" may have been one of t... Read more

  • Lizardo's spaceship and pod for "Buckaroo Banzai"

    This was the most fun movie I ever worked on. The Production Designer - Michael J. Riva and the art director - Mike Fink gave us a couple of referenc... Read more

  • "Ghostbusters" Terrordog under construction

    Featured here is the Terrordog under various stages of fabrication. Gunnar Ferdinansen preparing the stone mold for latex skins and Lars Anderson who... Read more

  • "Masters of the Universe" puppets

    16 " master models of Dolph Lundgren and 'Good guy' trooper puppets modeled in Chavant CM-70. Finished puppets were used for go-motion sequences shot ... Read more

  • Ceiling panel segment

    Segment for a circular ceiling panel for a restaurant in Los Angeles. Carved in 10 Lb. polyurethane foam. The finished ring was suspended from the cei... Read more

  • Death head medallion

    This medallion was done for a storefront restoration in Hollywood, CA. Carved from 4 Lb. polyurethane foam, it's based on a vague black and white phot... Read more

  • Corinthian Pilaster Capital

    This a plaster master model of a square corinthian capital for an installation at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

  • Balboa portrait for a Stiles Clement building

    Over life-sized foam portrait for a restoration of a Stiles Clement building in Riverside, CA. Done for Cano Architectural Repair.

  • Cortez portrait for Clement Bldg.

    A 4 Lb. foam portrait of the explorer Cortez for a restoration of a Stiles Clement building in Riverside, CA. Clement also designed the Wiltern Theate... Read more

  • Bronze Batboy

    4" high X 4" wide (Wing) I imagined this little guy as a gargoyle in an exterior building niche having to put up with sun, wind and rain. So he's wra... Read more

  • Bronze Frog

    This is a small piece - 2" x 2" x 2" - with an attitude.

  • bronze Unicorn Colt

    5" high x 4" wide x 2" deep. This figure was small enough to be cast solid without suffering from heat shrink.

  • Bronze Elephant Head

    8" wide x 7" high x 7" deep. The tusks were modeled, molded and cast separately, and epoxied in after the patina was applied.

  • Lion and Rhino Heads

    The cast plaster lion head is oversized. The Bronze rhino head is 4" high by 4" wide x 6" long.

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