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Architectural Illustration, Book Illustration, Cartooning/Comic Strip Illustration, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Illustration, Greeting Card Illustration, Landscape Painting, Nature/Animal Illustration, Other Painting, Other Traditional Illustration, Real Life Painting, Still Life Painting
Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Non-profit, Social Sector, Education, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
Over 20 years
St. Leonards-on-Sea., Sussex.  United Kingdom
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I am an illustrator with a degree in Fine Art illustration, Graphics and Art History and a PGCE (Education). As well as traditional media, I have creative expertise in using software such as Illustrator and Photoshop and I am a keen architectural photographer inspired by my travels to different continents. My subject matter and interpretation range from realism to abstract fantasy and I enjoy being imaginative with ideas. My style and technique are versatile and I have experience of responding to commercial design briefs. I can also produce hard edge design with an emphasis on typography if required, as well as web design. My knowledge of practical media incorporates pencil, ink, pastels, watercolour, acrylics, gouache and digital paintboxes. I value the importance of drawing and I have exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society in London, as well as various other reputable venues in the UK and the Middle East. In new media, I have also gained the ECDL in computing & the CIW web design certificate.

My professional background has been mainly in education, as a college lecturer in the Visual Arts, literacy and applied English Communications for EFL. I have also worked in media advertising and with publishing projects serving educational promotions. I am inspired by colour and form but I also value the refined quality of black & white ink studies and printmaking. If required by the client, my interest in art history enables me to transpose art styles to influence the imagery within an art composition, as well as the compositional elements. I have a particular interest in storywriting and illustration for childrens' books. My approach to project assignments will always be professional and delivered to meet the deadlines and it is my policy to be flexible about any need for project ammendments.
  • Alice in Wonderland.

    Pencil sketch as a book illustration.

  • Ancient Legends.

    Watercolour fantasy painting as book illustration.

  • Cat.

    Watercolour study for a card design.

  • Still life.

    Representational painting from observation - Medium: Gouache paints.

  • Teddy bear.

    Watercolour study from observation, as a storybook illustration.

  • Fantasy garden.

    Abstract interpretation of a garden, inspired by Italian Futurism to suggest light and movement, painted in acrylics.

  • Jungle.

    Fantasy composition, using Illustrator 9 software, designed for book illustration

  • Greek Myths.

    A fantasy painting in watercolour inspired by greek mythology and museum images.

  • Dove of Peace.

    A design for a card, using Illustrator 9 software.

  • Decorative Trees.

    Card design painted in gouache, inspired by the patterns of tree branches, using complementary colours.

  • Remote worlds.

    A photoshop montage illustration, using photography and freehand tools, in interpretation of a poem.

  • Electric cat.

    One example of a fun series of cartoon-like illustrations for children, using Paint digital software.

  • Fruit.

    A representational painting in watercolour and gouache from observation.

  • Face.

    A PhotoShop 6 rendered image of a face using liquify as a means to distort the overall composition.

  • Photo> Burj.

    A photograph that is emphasising the clean, abstract and decorative qualities of modern architecture in Dubai.

  • Photo> Ceramic pots.

    A photographic composition, that explores strong form and light.

  • Photo> Windtower

    This photograph celebrates the beauty of shape, colour and pattern evident in Arabic architecture.

  • Photo> Sand

    A photographic celebration of the dramatic simplicity of light and texture as seen in the sands of the desert.

  • Photo> Sunset.

    A photographic study that exploits the dramatic effect of sunsets, composed with the 'rule of thirds' to depict visual balance.

  • Wood study

    A detailed pen and ink study, from observation, that explores texture and structural form.

  • Trees.

    A study in watercolour inks with highlights of chinese white paint to create an atmospheric composition.

  • Dog and balloon.

    A comic cartoon-like illustration for young children, rendered with digital paint software.

  • Umbrellas.

    A painting in watercolour and gouache of a still life subject.

  • Tree branches.

    A freeform digital illustration using Paint software.

  • Abstract logo design.

    A personal logo design that explores geometric abstract patterns and stark colour contrasts using Paint software.

  • Golden acorn.

    A coloured inks and black line design for a card illustration.

  • Different Worlds

    Mixed Media imaginative composition in watercolour, inks and pencil.

  • Image.

    A portrait study in pencil, depicting a geometric interpretation of form, inspired by the artstyle of Cubism.

  • Images of Oman

    A small watercolour painting inspired by some of the typical images of Oman. The composition is fantasy-based depicting some realistic details which w... Read more

  • Oman: Salalah sandstorm.

    A watercolour sketch exploring atmospheric effects rather than realistic details.

  • Oman: Mosaic of life.

    A watercolour study that conveys a swirling array of different everyday images seen in southern Oman.

  • Seaview with cat colour sketch.

    A watercolour study from direct observation.

  • Light & Shade.

    An ink and watercolour sketch inspired by Art Nouveau.

  • Staffordshire Hoard - Lost Kingdom.

    An atmospheric watercolour study inspired by the recent finds of the Staffordshire Hoard treasures from ancient Mercia.

  • Light & Shade view.

    A freestyle watercolour depicting the illusive patterned effects of light and shade.

  • Doorway in Chios.

    A watercolour sketch painted from direct observation in Greece.

  • Fish

    Image created with Adobe Illustrator software, based on a watercolour study.

  • Falcon desert mirage.

    Using Illustrator software, this depicts overlays and free colour blending inspired by a watercolour study painted in the desert environment.

  • Original Deckchair Design.

    This original artwork, entered into the Hastings deckchair design competition, was chosen as a winning design, depicting local images from the seaside... Read more

  • St. Paul's Cathedral - River view.

    Watercolour sketch, painted from the Tate Modern Terrace.

  • Dreaming.

    Watercolour fantasy painting.

  • Kingdom

    Watercolour and ink sketch from imagination.

  • Golden acorn design.

    A coloured inks and black line design for a card.

  • Hastings Pier photograph.

    A photographic study of the pier at dusk.

  • Sheep sketch.

    A line sketch for a card design.

  • Trees view

    A watercolour impressionistic sketch of trees in light.

  • Sheep at home!

    A whimsical painting in watercolour and chinese white.

  • Child's garden wonderland.

    Photoshop whimsical composition amalgamating software painting with photography.

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