Paul Gunson

Paul Gunson
Traditional Art (Illustration / Painting)
Book Illustration, Caricature Illustration, Cartooning/Comic Strip Illustration, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Illustration, Greeting Card Illustration, Other Traditional Illustration
Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
16 - 20 years
Bromley, Kent  United Kingdom
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I've been an illustrator/animator for the last sixteen years, and have a wide range of experience from pencil to graphics tablet.
I specialise in Photoshop illustration and character design, be it caricature, cartoon or realism.
I like to use a mixture of the above to disguise the digital element wherever possible.

My work has primarily been in animation and tv, although I have illustrated two books and am working on my own now.

I've just finished a two year stint as the Assistant Director of a children's tv show called 'The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that' where I coordinated and fixed designs to keep them in the Seussian style as well as reviewing storyboarding and animation for the project.

I'm a dedicated worker and will do all I can to meet and exceed my client's expectations!

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Paul Gunson
  • film and tv caricatures

    here are some quick caricatures done on paper with tone added on the computer.

  • rakish old dog

    I did this illustration in about a day - starting off as a very loose graphics tablet sketch without any reference, and finishing it about 5 hours lat... Read more

  • earth angel

    Another image in an organic style, done in pencil and coloured in using Photoshop, but in a natural looking way. The pencil sketch took me about 5 mi... Read more

  • Smallville return - detail

    A compressed detail of a larger picture showing Clark Kent returning home to his parent's farm. Clark's face was influenced by all the latter day... Read more

  • Fighting boys

    Folio piece drawn in an old fashioned style.

  • Wizards and Sprite

    Fantasy characters in varying styles, done as quick ink sketches and then painted in Photoshop.

  • 1950's glamour

    This was a sketch I did to try and evoke an old fahioned sense of style and sophistication - it was done without reference, but with that era definite... Read more

  • Yuletide guest

    This was the front of my 2006 Christmas card. It started as a rough pencil sketch and was built up and coloured in using photoshop. I've always been i... Read more

  • Go to Sleep Judith

    This is one of 26 pencil illustrations I did for a children's book, dealing with the nerves of the night before school. Again, it's one where I tri... Read more

  • mother and child

    This is a new illustration I did for a greetings card, using a more flowing, organic style. It comes very naturally to me, and I hope to do more like ... Read more

  • Madison Avenue

    A design with an Art Deco slant - my favourite style of drawing! From start to finish, this piece took around 6 hours.

  • Very slowly, Judith crept down the hallway

    Pencil illustration from 'Go to sleep Judith' showing the small elephant creeping past her sleeping parent's door in the middle of the night.

  • Christmas card 2011

    my own designed Christmas card that went out to friends and family in 2011. Simple shapes and interesting colours and texture were the basis for this,... Read more

  • 'musical superhero' designs . 'Future Phonic'

    These were concept designs done for an animated series where the heroes would fight evil with music.

  • Italian Restaurant graphic design

    Done earlier this year to promote a restaurant. The deadline on this was very tight and the above image went from conception to final in around 1 day.... Read more

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