Research Analyst
Marketing / Advertising / Sales
Competitive Analysis, Lead Generation, Market Research
Retail, Wholesale, Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biotechnology
1 - 2 years
Beirut, Other  Lebanon
Work Onsite:
I am well acquainted with the effect of cognitive and social aspects of decision-making that are the foundation of proper functioning of institutions, organizations and markets. How different decision factor such as heuristics, biases and other psychological theories developed, influence and explain how people make their decisions. I have knowledge of how decision components can be employed in distinct fields. The study of Consumer behaviour in value-based marketing, their effect on the psychology of pricing, its methods and strategies, ‘ingredients’ of successful salespeople and considerations on creating synergies between sales and service employees. Regarding policy design, I have an expanded understanding on assessing how fundamental economic preferences (e.g. risk preferences, time preferences, and social preferences) can be measured, and how preferences are distributed in the population. Whether there are systematic differences in preferences with regard to age, gender or other biological factors. How heterogeneity in preferences can explain differences in economic behaviour and outcomes. How preferences and other non-cognitive skills shape economic outcomes and focus in particular on labour market outcomes and skill development. Moreover, as part of a team I have 1 year of experience working on: •Profiling projects with the objective of assisting clients with their demand generation efforts, compiling competitors and players in a specific market/Industry or identifying potential thought leaders, influencers and events to assist in PR efforts. •Industry outlook research prepared through exploring key events, trends and developments in a target industry/product and their foreseeable impact in the upcoming years •Industry pain point research conducted through Identifying major struggles faced by the industry   •Preparing a taxonomy on a target market then exploring the market size and ongoing trends •B2B Customer research analysis: cleaning, organizing in spreadsheets and analysing customer feedback survey data then preparing a report encompassing meaningful insights for the client •Coding of B2C customer survey data results •Industry reports in the health, retail and food and agri-processing tailored at a specific target market I have experience working in dynamic and multicultural environments as a result of moving between Lebanon, The Netherlands and India. I am well accustomed to different styles of work and committed to providing high quality output and as per client’s requirements.

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Market research
Research analysis

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