Haley Eskridge

Assistance at the Flap of a Wing
Writing / Editing / Translation
Book Writing/Editing, Copywriting/Editing, Creative Writing/Editing
Retail, Wholesale, Other
3 - 5 years
Georgetown, Delaware  United States
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I'm Haley, a struggling part-time college student that enjoys writing and drawing in her free time and would love to put those skills to good use. I've worked with a variety of people between my education and my customer service experience from two different companies but wish to focus on the things I'm good at to make a living. I've been writing for several years and usually do my own editing and proofreading as well as transcribing lectures and interviews for classes. I'm a creative individual that can spin a story from a few keywords and a plot outline as simple as 1-2-3. I've worked with a variety of word programs including Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, ApacheOffice, and Google Docs for both school work and personal projects whether I'm at home or on the run. I also have worked with a few drawing programs in my leisure but my primary tools of the trade are Sketchbook Pro and Paint.sai with some experience in Photoshop and FireAlpaca as well. As far are writing and drawing, I'm willing to experiment to get the best result for my work and have it be something memorable even if it takes me days to brainstorm the idea and expand upon it. As this is my first time freelancing, I hope my optimism of pursuing a path in earning my way through the skills I've practiced through hobbies for years will aid in pushing forward with both my personal projects and those of future clients. I always push to meet deadlines from my experience in school and try to give quality over quantity for what I'm being paid. I could easily write up a 20-page essay in a night of research and caffeine-induced typing but the lack of quality would eat at me until the day I die. So, while a deadline is vital in most projects, what I want to focus on most is giving the clients the quality products they're paying for when they hand me their project idea.

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Microsoft Word
Creative Writing
Customer Service

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