Power of the Pen-Free Lance Writing by Tiffany

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind. – Ayn Rand
Training / Education
Diversity Training, Leadership Development, Management Training, Professional Development, Self Improvement, Stress Management
Non-profit, Social Sector, Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other, Education, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
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Raytown, Missouri  United States
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Power of the Pen is a new Free Lance Company that although just officially opening in 2018 has been putting thoughts to paper for many years.  I believe that knowledge and life experiences can only be powerful through expression to others through the pen and the words it creates on a variety of topics. From a lifetime of working in  multiple careers specializing in many of the same topics I have developed a volume of knowledge and experiences in the following areas;  self improvement & empowerment, early childhood development, cognitive behavior modification, management styles and best practices, stress management, and management/leadership styles and methods. In addition,  I  also write on many dog training tips and topics. I have been breeding, raising, and training companion and show animals for an excess of 30 years. I have been managing my own breeding bloodline and training program (Milestone K-9 Management) for over 20 years. As I mentioned previously, I live in a philosophy of belief that knowledge is only powerful when shared with others. I currently reside in Kansas City, Kansas and am the Program Director for a national non profit (The Youth Volunteer Corps of Kansas City). In this role I work with youth 11-18 years of age, from all diversity of heritage and life circumstance. I am responsible for all aspects of the program, from behavior management of the youth, to all budgeting aspects, fundraising, and promotion. In addition,  I am responsible for all family relations, and our partnerships with over 50 non profits. In my past, I worked for Head Start for over 10 years as a family and youth advocate as well as the lead teacher for the behavior challenged classroom. Following that employment I chose to move career paths to continue to gain experience with youth by being a counselor at the Children's Psychiatric Hospital in Evansville Indiana. I look forward to working on many exciting and interesting topics and continue to share my expertise and continue to learn along the way.

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