Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problem with cloud, hosting VPS, networking, routers
Networking / Hardware / Telephony
Network Administration, Other Networking, Web Networking/Hardware
Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Telecommunications
11 - 15 years
Zagreb, Other  Croatia
Work Onsite:
How can I introduce my self more if I don't tell that my IT knowledge is wide area of branches
inside IT. Can say that professional work as System administrator and technician begins before 15 years.
Presume like all in that period starts with Microsoft products, mostly desktop and server OS. From that time
developed my knowledge to open source mostly because expensive MS licence, and lack of security. Can't say
that open source is bullet proof regarding to security, but in that time the vast majority of viruses was written for
Windows platform. Need to mention that I start my carrier in IT world as technician, mostly for hardware issues,
assembling PC-s, and PC repairs on the field.In present days don't play with hardware any more as before, but
steel can detect any hardware issues in 10-15 minutes.Than i discover open source and think that my first
distribution would be red hat 6, must admit that was love at first sight.Open source world start take piece of the
pie in any segment IT industry like
Internet,firewalls, embedded routers,NAS, etc, and again I follow that trail and start playing with lot's
of firewalls distribution based on IP tables and PF, and can say that I'm pretty good with distribution like
mikrotik,pfsennse,vyatta.Last five years pretty much everything is done on clouds and again start as web
hosting, and mean from scratch installing and configuring services like apache,mysql,php and that was in fact
nucleus for web design/development, mostly that would be CMS application like Drupal or OScommerce.Please
contact me if you have any doubts, and English in written and speaking would not be a issue.Looking forward to
meet you.
More than 15 years experience in IT Business, specially in Technical support professional with
extensive IT background. Enjoys troubleshooting to find solutions
to technical issues. In that period I also learn about new technologies and that knowledge is
implementing to the satisfaction of my clients.
• Desktop win platforms from win 98-win10(installation,configuration,troubleshooting,viruses,security)
• server win platforms from win2003-win2016
 (installing,configuration,AD,Domain,GP,LP,server services)
• linux (debian/centOS, installation,configuration,administration,install and configure services)
• networking&security (production or software based routers,firewalls,wi-fi)
• webdesign&webdeveloping (CMS based software WordPress, Drupal,OScommerce,Identified,
 recommended and prioritized new Web features and applications in conjunction with business
 leaders and department managers. Developed, coded, installed, tested, debugged and
 documented Web applications using appropriate editors.)
• Hardware (detect and repair hardware issue desktop/server, assembling PC)

I'm looking forward to meet you.

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