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Writing / Editing / Translation
Academic Writing/Editing, Article Writing/Editing, Blog Writing / Editing, Book Writing/Editing, Children's Writing/Editing, Creative Writing/Editing, Newsletters Writing/Editing, Other Writing/Editing, Poem Writing/Editing, Press Release Writing/Editing, Report Writing/Editing, Resume Writing/Editing, Song Writing/Editing, Speech Writing/Editing, Technical Writing/Editing, Test Writing/Editing, Web Content Writing/Editing, White Papers Writing/Editing
Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Real Estate, Insurance
11 - 15 years
Kolkata, Other  India
2 - 5
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We are a team of creative people specializing in writing and designing. We have a mixed team who believe in delivering original and creative content. Our team is well experienced in content, technical, creative, ghost,  story, research, academic writing. Web Content Writing and designing is also another domain we work on. Designing is an integral part of our work. Apart from writing we also do works on designing.ents We believe in out of the box thinking and our aim is to achieve a long term relationship with our clients so that we can work together and achieve success. We Value Your Trust is our slogan. Being an Indian I as well as my Team believe that "Atithi Devo Bhava" and we have tried to implement this believe in our company policies. Our client is everything to us, hence giving them assurance of our work is the most important factor that we consider to be addressed. The trust that our clients show us is what we value mostly. We believe in them and want them to believe in us. Another point that I would like to address to you is about fake clients. My past experiences have given me a good lesson. Out there in the global market there are people who hire you take the work which my team delivers and then suddenly they vanish in thin air. What I mean to say is that they don't pay. I hope I will not come across such clients in this portal. Last but not the least my team is eagerly waiting for some good work to come there way and I am 100% sure we will be able to do so excellent work starting now.

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