Noma M

Are your words really working for you?
Writing / Editing / Translation
Book Writing/Editing, Creative Writing/Editing, Other Writing/Editing
Education, Telecommunications, Other
3 - 5 years
L-ile-Perrot, Other  Canada
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My pursuit in life is to transform your creative ideas into writing that is both clear and crisp. With a background in academia, I am willing and able to challenge your opinions and ideas. With that said, I am open to operating in a way that works with your limitations. I have a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and am certified to teach English as a second language. I have helped several indie authors to find their own right brand voice for their creative pieces. Let my experience work for you.I will help you put your best ink forward. I edit in Microsoft Word with track changes. Upon request, I can edit in Google Docs. My manuscript critiques will provide guidance on specific issues an author needs to address before editing. I will edit your manuscript without compromising your voice and critique with your particular genre in mind.

My editing service will include: -Correcting the consistency, accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and usage of words. -Re-writing, moving, deleting or adding a section to your manuscript. -Checking for overused words My proofreading service will include checking for: -Overlooked misspellings -Typographic errors -The accuracy of page numbers, the table of contents, capitalizations, basic grammar, spacing, etc. What you will get: -A word document with track changes. -A word document with all changes implemented.

No contracting.I do all the work myself.
  • Vegas Fantasy Fiction Romance

    This is a sample of the ending I wrote for Vegas Fantasy

  • Manuscript critiquing

    I beta read manuscripts and if you want after, I can post a review on my social media accounts.

  • Script to novel

    This is a sample of my most recent project. She was born a Good Girl: An all-girls boarding school story -Garfield Whyte (script to novel)

  • Editing

    The first stage of content editing sample.

  • Visit my website.

    Check what other services I offer.

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