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Here to help new and indie authors!
Writing / Editing / Translation
Book Writing/Editing, Creative Writing/Editing, Other Writing/Editing
Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other, Federal, State, Local Governments, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
3 - 5 years
Palm Bay, Florida  United States
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I am a freelance developmental editor with 2 ½ years’ experience. My primary goal is to help get new and indie authors “off the ground”. I know how hard it can be to afford a good DE, so I’m doing what I can by offering charitable rates – currently .01 cents/word. Though I’ve always had a love of the written word (thanks Mom, for reading to me!), I began my professional relationship with writing in 2014 as a ghostwriter for a journalist. Since then, I have worked as a market copy editor for a government contractor, completed 3 books of my own, and started a flourishing freelancing business as an editor. Though I am most familiar with and prefer adult fiction, and have worked on sci-fi, horror, fantasy, romance (including LGBT), literary, and drama, I have also edited biographies, YA/children’s, and spiritual/self-help. Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy are hands-down my favorites but I am open to all of these genres, and a few others. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! My focus is readability. My strongest skills lie in narrative, plot, characterization, structure, tone/voice, impact, flow, style, continuity, and consistency. I’m an analyst at heart so I try to make that work for you. My style is to make YOUR style shine. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some client reviews: “You’re better than my publisher’s editor.” “An enthusiastic writer resource!” “Excellent delivery.” “I keep coming back!” “Great feedback and excellent editing.” “I could not be more pleased with my experience. Communication was fantastic, and the feedback I received for my novel left me feeling very confident in what I'm putting out into the world. Can’t recommend enough!” “I appreciated the helpful developmental critique. It was just what was needed to get the project to the next level.”

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