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NAIROBI, Other  Kenya
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I am a female writer who has a passion in education and training,I studied a bachelors degree in Education and training at Moi university. I love seeing people grow and achieve their goals and objectives,especially the youth in a community set up . Young people need to be given directions on the way they can pursue their careers ,and also encouraged to pay the price that is needed for them to achieve their goals,for example i train them on how to to live lives that are not influenced by their peers but should instead be in a position to make independent decisions concerning their lives. I have been working on a project on how to rehabilitate street children and also give them the necessary skills that are needed in order to make them responsible citizens.I went ahead and organized with the local leaders  concerning the rehabilitation of the street children program,we were facilitated and being the leader of that team,we have managed to come up with responsible citizens from the street family. Freelance writing to me is not only a career but also a way of communicating to the world that when education and training is taken seriously,we can change the whole world. There are criminals who do not know the repercussions of the crimes they commit,it is only through education and training they get to know that crime does not pay. I believe in creativity and production of original work,i dislike plagiarism as it brings out an aspect of a short sighted writer. I am disciplined and also a good time keeper,i believe in the adage that says that time is money. I complete my assignments days before the deadline. I love research and also love being in touch with the society,so as to know the things affecting them,so that i can express those issues through writing. Writing to me is not only a career but also a voice of speaking out concerning the issues affecting the society.

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