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My first language was English, the second, Spanish, the third, fourth and fifth French, Italian and German respectively. Spanish was a given because I was raised in Venezuela. Later I learned French in high school, Italian I taught myself, and German I studied in college. Already as a teenager I knew that I wanted to be an opera singer but as I was still too young to study voice, I decided to learn as many languages as I could so that eventually I would know what I was singing about! In fact I did have a career as an opera singer and l lived in Europe for twenty years. Prior to performing professionally, however, I worked as a translator in many capacities. I translated for tour groups, for computer training courses, and in work situations where translating was needed, such as airports and schools. Because I lived in various countries in Europe my languages are fluent in speaking as well as reading and writing. The richness of language has always appealed to me and it gives me pleasure to communicate with people in their own language. As a translator it feels as though I am promoting a deeper connection between cultures, whether through books, articles, or simply speaking.  The planet is getting smaller and we need to learn to communicate more deeply with one another, not just linguistically but also with respect for our diverse cultures.
I am creative, focused and intent to translate as correctly and honestly as possible in my writing.

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