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Book Illustration, Caricature Illustration, Cartooning/Comic Strip Illustration, Greeting Card Illustration, Political Cartooning, Product Illustration
Retail, Wholesale, Education, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Other Leisure, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
3 - 5 years
Bristol, avon  United Kingdom
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Since leaving Art College in 2006 I have been freelancing as a cartoonist and caricaturist, working on projects ranging from caricature commissions for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and retirement, to stock illustration, character design, humorous greeting card designs and book illustration. My work has a strong emphasis on humour, as in the case of the greeting card designs, not only do I design them, I also write the copy to go with them.

My work is rendered digitally with the aid of a Wacom Intuos tablet and stylus used in conjunction with Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. This makes completion of a brief more expedient as there is no need for scanning and printing, once the brief is finished it is also ready to be dispatched either through email or F.T.P and can be printed out in a variety of sizes.

Even though I work digitally, my style has the traditional appearance of pen and ink or line and wash. As I am extremely competent with the Corel Painter programme, I can render the finished product in any media preferred.

My main influences are the satirists Ralph Steadman, Gerald Scarfe and James Gilray as well as the low brow artists, Todd Schorr and Robert Williams and the surrealist painter René Magritte.

I always keep my clients fully informed on the progress of work undertaken by sending rough samples as the work progresses, and I never start to finalise a brief until the client is fully satisfied.

I hope you decide to engage my services, and I sincerely look forward to working with you now or in the future.
  • Sponge Bob Caricature

    Client, drawn in the style of the Sponge Bob cartoon character.

  • Indiana Lyn And The Secret Of The Golden Number

    A group caricature, rendered in the style of a Movie Poster for a Hollywood adventure film

  • Meady's Roadshow

    A landscape format decal, commissioned to cover both doors of the company vehicle for advertising purposes.

  • Safari Wedding

    A humorous depiction of a wedding taking place in Africa. Giraffes have been used to replace the guard of honor, as well as an elephant replacing the ... Read more

  • Motorcycle Wedding

    A Couple are Speeding away from their wedding on a large Kawasaki Motorcycle,heading in the direction of the beach, in order to start their honeymoon.

  • Equal Opportunities

    A group of reindeer are surprised to see that their new recruit is in fact a camel dressed as a reindeer. In the lower right hand corner two onlookers... Read more

  • Cold Calling

    In this corporate Christmas card design, two snowmen are standing outside Santa's grotto as he leaves for work. The snowman on the left is making a ca... Read more

  • National Elf

    Corporate Christmas design, using a play on words to promote the National Health. Two snowmen outside Santa's grotto, the snowman on the left is weari... Read more

  • Any Deductions

    Corporate Christmas card design using a play on words in relation to HM Revenue & Customs (Tax office). Santa, Rudolph, a snowman and an elf are depic... Read more

  • Now you're a teenager

    Birthday card design for a thirteen year old boy. A young punk rocker with a bright green Mohican playing an electric guitar. Above him is the text "N... Read more

  • Birthday Boy

    Birthday card design for a boys seventh birthday. Here, a young boy is dressing up as a soldier, by using found items as a uniform. A food strainer fo... Read more

  • Congratulations

    A congratulations card design showing a battered and bruised boxer who is seen standing triumphantly in the centre of the card, although he is obvious... Read more

  • Be my valentine

    Valentines card design. A cute and cuddly cupid is shown here aiming a heart shaped arrow out of the centre of the picture directly at the onlooker, w... Read more

  • Casey jones retirement

    The subject is shown here dressed as a Casey Jones style engine driver, driving his engine along the tracks. This image was commissioned as a retirem... Read more

  • Trevor The lemming

    I designed the character of Trevor The Lemming for a dummy children's book. The image was rendered using charcoal pencil and Daler Rowney soft pastels... Read more

  • The Fly Over

    Our hero and his friends have been playing all day and have completely lost track of the time. Above their heads looms an ominous shape. The image sho... Read more

  • The Abduction

    The shadow turned out to be a hungry owl on the hunt, It has swooped down and carried off one of Trevor's friends, however Trevor's fast bowl should p... Read more

  • The Rescue

    Trevor's ball connected with the owl and has forced him to let go of Trevor's friend, who, incidently is plummeting rapidly towards a large tree top. ... Read more

  • Guy Fawkes

    The infamous figure of Guy Fawkes is famous in the UK for attempting to blow up the houses of parliament during the reign of King James1st. Every year... Read more

  • Little Red Riding Hood by moonlight

    A slightly different take on the Little Red Riding Hood story shows our heroine as a confident, streetwise girl standing alone in a barren moonlit for... Read more

  • Mad Scientist

    The Mad Scientist of the title stands triumphantly in his laboratory, holding aloft a bubbling flask, lit only by the eery green and yellow light, bea... Read more

  • The Karma Office Worker

    A rather brightly coloured man is shown sitting at his office desk in a state of complete serenity, reading a book on Feng Shuei and drinking a gin & ... Read more

  • Drunken Santa

    A rather inebriated Santa Claus is shown sitting, legs spread eagled in front of a large refrigerator with what is left of the contents strewn around ... Read more

  • Happy New Year

    The image shows two exceedingly merry party goers at a New Years Eve Ball, However, the man on the left is unaware of the power of his lungs and has s... Read more

  • The Easter Bunny Cracks

    The Easter Bunny lays on his back completely bloated and stuffed from eating all of the contents of his basket. Golden foil from the eggs lies strewn ... Read more

  • The Perils of Loquacity

    A Surreal painting set in a seemingly traditional bespoke tailors. The main characters in this set piece are a motley crew of disembodied body parts ... Read more

  • Weeding

    Rough draft for a humorous greeting card design based around gardening. The image was drawn using a Wacom tablet and stylus in Corel Painter with the... Read more

  • Riverbank Vigil

    Rough draft for a humorous greeting card design based around the theme of fishing. This image was drawn using a Wacom tablet and stylus in Corel Pain... Read more

  • Slug Pellets

    Rough draft for a humorous greeting card design based around the theme of gardening. The image was drawn using a Wacom tablet and stylus in Corel Pain... Read more

  • They won't miss chrismas this year

    Rough draft for a humorous greeting card design comissioned for SSAFFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association). The image was drawn using... Read more

  • First day of spring

    Rough draft for a humorous card design based around gardening. Two earthworms pop up out of the ground to enjoy the weather, unaware of the dangers it... Read more

  • Using the right bait

    Rough draught for a cartoon based around the theme of fishing. A fishing boat has put to sea. At the rear of the boat are a fisherman and a shark. Th... Read more

  • Xenophobia

    A cartoon for a humorous book titled "I Can't take anymore crap!" By Robert MacGregor. This illustration covered the subject of Xenophobia and was han... Read more

  • I can't take anymore...

    This was one of a series of P.O.S designs used for the book launch of I Can't Take Anymore Crap! and focuses on one of the included subjects. In this... Read more

  • On hold

    Book illustration For the title, "I can't take anymore crap!" This image covers the subject of being put on hold and how the author writes about deal... Read more

  • Wind

    Book illustration for the title "I can't take anymore crap! by Robert MacGregor. This image covers the subject of wind, specifically the author's exp... Read more

  • A Fistfull Of Pasties

    This image of a traditional style caricature was a commission for a Cornish pasty company and shows two men skipping hand in hand down the road outsid... Read more

  • Denzell Washington

    Caricature of the Oscar winning American actor Denzell Washington from the movie American Gangster. This image was rendered using India ink and gouach... Read more

  • Morgan Freeman

    Caricature of the Oscar winning American actor Morgan Freeman from such movie's as The Shawshank Redemption and The Bucket List. This image was ren... Read more

  • That Figures

    A rather boring looking accountant is sitting in a restaurant with a young lady at Xmas time. He is trying to explain to her that not all accountants ... Read more

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