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Graphic Design / Multimedia
3-D Graphic Design, Ad Design - Print, Ad Design - Website, Album/CD/DVD Design, Banner Ad Design, Billboard/Poster Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design, Business Document Design, Digital Illustration, Flash Design, Logo Design, Other Graphic Design, Other Multimedia, Package Design, Page/Book/Magazine Layout, Photo Editing/Retouching, Presentation Design, Website Design
Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Education, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Other Leisure, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
3 - 5 years
corby, northants  United Kingdom
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I have a degree in Graphic Design and have been working in the industry since 2002, been freelancing full time for more than 2 years now, I mainly focus in print design but have moved into web design recently, have just updated my own site if you want to have a look (link adjacent)

Testimonials and client satisfaction means a lot to me and currently are in the top 2 providers out of 1493 for reviews from clients i've worked with on this site.  If you want to keep upto date with my work then please drop by my fan page on facebook, which gets updated almost on a daily basis. (link from my website, or search james mossop freelance)

thanks for reading

  • Gowhoosh.com

    company wanted to update the exsisting logo to have a more dynamic feel. the example shown shows 2 variations of the final logo.

  • retro revolution

    Client asked to update his business stationary, he runs a t-shirt printers which at the time did vintage style prints, 80's logo designs on t-shirts ... Read more

  • Second Level

    A nice little project for me, the client wanted a coporate identity for his new venture. I created his design for paper as well as working on a webpa... Read more

  • Katzwhiskas

    The brief was to update the existing branding, creating a fresh and striking new look. The example shows a 2 sided business card.

  • Thingamajigz

    The brief was to update the existing logo whilst keeping the main features of the old logo

  • The Lounge Presents - Flyer

    Having created the logo for the client from this site, he asked me to create a 2 sided flyer, in keeping with the style recently created

  • The Lounge Presents

    Client from this site, was looking for a designer who could turn his ideas into reality. This is an example of the business card taken from the stati... Read more

  • The Lounge Presents

    Clearly impressed with the work i've done previously for the client. he asked me to produce a number of concept designs which could be used to revamp ... Read more

  • The grind

    The client wanted a new look to celebrate there company being open 10 years, it deals in clothing for the extreme sporting range and wanted a logo to ... Read more

  • Renew your Senses

    A new company wanted a logo which complemented there primary goals, it needed to be able to sell the service, This is an example of the business card

  • Renew your Senses - Concept

    This was a full colour, 2 sided promotional flyer to be used in conjuction with the opening of the company. With the mood set by the logo it was easy... Read more

  • Head Dressing

    New company looking for a striking logo which would be used as a guide to set the style and look for the rest of the branding

  • Talyor Paige

    Concept page for a website for this young model, Having a standard looking website she wanted something which not only had her personality put also co... Read more

  • Lawrence Trucking

    Client wanted a fresh new look for his company, something which took a number of key elements and merged them into the finished logo

  • Tydoes Guide

    The client, had a real vision of what she wanted the logo to look like, taken her ideas i created a logo to her needs, She is more than happy with t... Read more

  • Glow - Spa & beauty

    The client, opening up a new spa & beuty boutique wanted a logo which would entice clients into the building

  • Caterpillar Music

    The client, having a recognizable logo which couldn't alter to much wanted to see if i could take the logo and improve the look,

  • Summer shape up

    The client, was advertising in the local paper and wanted something special, It needed to draw in the viewer

  • Headlands

    Concept for a advert for the local paper, the client wanted to completely change the style, so this was just one of the examples

  • Kettering Cars

    This is a template i designed, It used by the client to place his current selection of cars in the local paper, he wanted something which would stand ... Read more

  • Motors Today

    This is just one of a series which are being used as a front page of a pull out supplement in the local paper.

  • Property Today

    This is just one of a series which are being used as a front page of a pull out supplement in the local paper.

  • Move 2

    The client already had a clear picture in mind when it came to designing the advert, This is just one in a series, various sizes which can be inserted... Read more

  • Clearnetworks

    Client from this site, awarded me the project to work on a promotional flyer which is the same size as a standard business card, The image shows the f... Read more

  • Cobros - Advert

    Client wanted a series of adverts going in the local newspaper, each concept had to work in a number of differetn sizes

  • Cobros - Advert

    Client wanted a series of adverts going in the local newspaper, each concept had to work in a number of differetn sizes

  • Aja Investments

    Client approached me to refresh there logo. The logo wanted a more modern feel to it.

  • BL Caravans

    Client wanted a series of adverts to appear in the local newspaper, All had to have a common look to them

  • Step by Step

    I was approached to create a logo for a client, taking on board ideas passed on to me by the client i came up with this simple but effective little lo... Read more

  • Kettering Cars - Something Special

    We work withthe client and create regualr adverts for them, he wanted something special for valentines which was coming up, So created this which got... Read more

  • freelance folio fan page (facebook)

    I'm currently updating my current site so in the mean time please have a look at my fan page on facebook, were you'll find my most recent projects..

  • Abbagio

    Logo Concept

  • Digital Portrait

    taken from photograph created in illustrator

  • Applied - Flyer

    One sided flyer

  • Audition Now

    Completed Logo

  • Audition Now

    Web Page layout (design Only)

  • Audition Now

    Web page layout (design only)

  • Baradihi

    Website Design Layout

  • Binary pear

    Logo Design

  • Binary pear

    Coporate Id

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