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Hey there!

Thanks for clicking! So you’re interested in a sales role or you’ve got the gift of the gab?*

I run a digital marketing agency that offers digital marketing and social media marketing services for various types of businesses. We use paid traffic to increase both their brand awareness and increase their revenue. 

After recent success, we’re looking at expanding our team. This is where you (hopefully) will come in. 

We would need you to call up businesses with the sole purpose of the call being to book a discovery call. I can provide you with a script and you can tweak it or you can use your own. Whatever you’re more comfortable using. The call shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. Get in, retrieve the discovery call and get out!

This job is only for people comfortable being on a phone. You will be calling during GMT hours (Dublin/London timezone) Previous sales experience is needed. (If you don’t have sales experience, go practice! Then we can talk ??)

The job will be paid on a ‘per client signed’ basis. This means if the client does not sign after the discovery call, you do not get a commission. This ensures, only people interested in our services turn up for the discovery call, allowing for a better experience for all.  

However, the pay scale more than makes up for this. Take this for example:

Daily calls: 30
Daily discovery calls set: 3
Weekly discovery calls set: 15
Monthly discovery calls set: 60
Discovery calls conversion rate: 66%
Discovery calls Converted: 40
Average client close: $300
Average daily clients closed: 2
Average daily income: $600
Average weekly income: $3,000
Average monthly income: $12,000
Average monthly passive income: $4,000

Passive Income:
$100 per client retainer per month x  40 discovery calls converted = $4000

   ————$300 Client Signed Commission———$100 Retainer Commission————Total Earned
Month 1————$12,000——————————————$0—————————————$12,000
Month 2————$12,000——————————————$4,000———————————$16,000
Month 3————$12,000——————————————$8,000———————————$20,000
Month 4————$12,000——————————————$12,000——————————$24,000
Month 5————$12,000——————————————$16,000——————————$28,000
Month 6————$12,000——————————————$20,000——————————$32,000

These numbers are for example purposes. Even though weekly discovery calls set is ’15,’ we would expect at least 10 or so discovery calls a week. On the contrary, this also means if you can set more meetings, you can earn more money.

As you can see from above, using a performance based approach to the payment structure, you can scale to multiple six figures a year from the comfort of your own home. However this is not a learn as you go job, you must be confident on the phone and understand sales. 

If you think you have what it takes and love to be rewarded for your work, we would like to hear from you. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through the job post. We look forward to working with you!



*The ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you: 
She's got the “gift of the gab” - she should work in sales and marketing.
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