Toxic Parents: Healing and Recovery from the Emotional Abuse
Estimated Budget:
Less than $250
Writing / Editing / Translation
Creative Writing/Editing

- - Contribute your story to this project and help others who are struggling with similar experiences!

- $150 Flat Rate per writer once your submission is accepted (no royalties)

- Possible multiple writers selected

- At least 10,000-12,000 words (or more) Word Document PERSONAL STORY of your past and present TOXIC relationship with your parents, how it has affected your life, and advice to readers to help them with their healing and recovery.

- IMPORTANT: Please don't bid if you have ALREADY PUBLISHED a version of your story. I only want unique and available-nowhere-else stories.


(A Few Possible Story Angles - but definitely add any others you can think of that will help or be of interest to the reader).....

- The full story of what it was like growing up with toxic parents, what your adult relationship is like with them PLUS 7-10 pointers on how to heal and recover from a toxic relationship.

- What emotional wounds did your parents cause?

- What memories stick with you to this day?

- How has your life evolved from childhood to adulthood with toxic parents?

- Does it affect how you interact with other people today?

- Do you have kids or plan to have them - how does (or how will) your parents affect how YOU parent?  If you have kids, do you ever catch yourself falling into a worrisome pattern? How do you get out of it?

- Have you received professional help?

- IMPORTANT: what lessons has your experience taught that you can pass on to others through this story?

- IMPORTANT: I need this to be broken into numbered and titled CHAPTERS.  I want a good amount of true and interesting conversations and DIALOGUE between the characters in the story to break up the narrative - even if the dialogue sometimes gets GRAPHIC. Dialogue is huge in keeping flow going and the reader's interest up in a story. We don't want this just to be one long narrative essay or sound like a classroom textbook. It should read like a biography/novel, but with an ending chapter of 7-10 (if possible) bullet point pieces of advice, each bullet point with extended detail.


Detailed Requirements:

The report must be...

Written by a NATIVE English speaker

ORIGINAL WORK (plagiarism will not be tolerated and your work WILL BE thoroughly checked!)

- The story needs to be separated into logical chapters with chapter numbers and chapter titles. (formatting in one long essay with no chapter breaks will not be accepted - this needs to read like a book - thanks.)

A font size of 12 points

Times new roman font type

Single spaced

With margins no more than 1 inch on all sides (left, right, to, bottom)

WELL-EDITED and proof-read before submitted, please!!!

I also need you to include a 200-300 word summary page which will be used to attract sales to your story (so write it like a teaser trailer; to make the reader want to read more). This summary is MANDATORY - thanks.

Acceptance of your bid will be judged by amount of your fee, reviews listed for your work, grasp of English language and creative writing samples.

Please reply with the phrase "Red Dragon", to show you are detail oriented.

- - - Tentative Deadline for 1st full draft submission is Sunday, 12/16/2018.

NOTE - Selected writer will be paid strictly from our agreed-upon one-time FLAT FEE. All rights will be transferred over to me to edit, market and distribute the report as I see fit. No royalties or commissions are paid to the writer other than the one-time agreed-upon fee for writing the report.

Thank you for your interest in this project!

- Bob
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