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• Project Delivery Study Deliveries
• Brother or sister independent expert I have the idea of creating an electronic application to connect all applications from the source to the customer in Iraq and then move the application to the world and therefore I want to prepare an integrated study from zero to the media, technical, commercial and legal, taking advantage of the experience of the world in this area, Only the sponsor can apply for this project and the study must contain a complete and thorough description of the above and the following

• Study of all delivery companies in Iraq, the Middle East and the world at least 60 companies
• Details of each program used in terms of programming type, quality and expected market price
• To give me through his experience and the information he collects what are the strengths, weaknesses and mistakes of each program in order to avoid it if it is bad or develop it if it is good
• Arrange all the options in the programs and services provided by the user and the way they are used for the customer or service providers or control panels for the owner of the program in order to be a roadmap for the programmer to program better than all programs
• How do I know that the application made by the developer to me is good quality and free from mistakes and how to make sure that it will not be slow in the multitude of customers
• When the program is manufactured, what are the payments it needs in terms of downloading on the net and what are the expenses of the GPS
• A detailed explanation of the commercial aspects of the program, ie, how the program deals with the shops of service delivery of restaurants, shops, malls and confectionery shops and other in terms of the rate of profits and the way of delivery of goods and what are things that encourage them to contract with you how to get profits with the loss of the customer from both parties
• What means did they use for the dissemination of field media or electronic or television
• What are the legal aspects of these programs? Do you have to register officially and do you have to belong to the company and the nature of this company and what taxes are required
• What are the specializations that must be within the administrative staff in order for the project to succeed?
• What are your creative ideas that should be included in the study in order to be fully aware of the project
• Who offers an integrated study has a special prize for me other than the price of the project
• The Independent must approve any amendments to the draft if he is not satisfied with the study
• The rights of the study are preserved and may not be published, disclosed or displayed in a place and bear all legal consequences
• Preference will be for those who tell me the steps of the study and show the ideas of creativity before starting the project
• Arrange all the information in a clear presentation using tables and pictures, and indicate the source of each piece of real form and use all modern scientific means
• Each program knows how to design their interfaces and their number of users.
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• Adnan al-Zaidi
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