Information Security Management
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Networking / Hardware / Telephony
Database Networking/Hardware

To research and produce recommendations in relation to an area of relevance to Information Security Managers. Research to be conducted utilising traditional sources (books, journals, articles etc.) as well as the Internet.

Production of a summary report, role descriptions, and business case proposal totalling no more than 3,500 words.

Topic and tasks

In order to ensure that cyber security is addressed effectively, organisations need to be supported by appropriately skilled specialists.  

You have been hired as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a large organisation in a business sector of your choice.  You have been tasked with creating a security team to support you, and to help deliver the operational security needs of the organisation.  You are required to make the business case for hiring three members of staff (the nature of which may depend upon the type of organisation you choose and the relevance of potential roles that you identify; you are expected to develop a coherent team that provides a genuine operational solution for your chosen organisation, with the reasoning for the choices clearly presented).  The case needs to be presented for approval by the Chief Executive.

Your report should address the following tasks:

Investigation and analysis of the ways in which you could ensure that you identify hire individuals with appropriate skills to support and enable security, based upon the certifications and other relevant elements that exist within the industry.  Present an evidenced discussion of your findings.

The specific skills profiles that you would expect to see for each of the roles that you would propose to hire.  This may consider the academic qualifications and professional certifications that you would expect to see as part of the required background, as well as underlying skills within particular security discipline areas. You may wish to use the IISP Skills Framework to assist you. A page per profile would be a suitable guide length.

The formal business case, written for the attention of the CEO, focusing upon relevant factors and a level of detail appropriate to this audience.  It should include a justification of the type of staff needed and the associated costs involved.  This case must not exceed two pages in length.

You should give consideration to the presentation and structure of your materials, and the use of appropriate referencing of sources in order to support the points you are making.
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