Illustration for advertising Fantasy Book
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Less than $250
Traditional Art (Illustration / Painting)
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Illustration
I want to do an advertising campaign for the fantasy book I recently wrote. Ideally, the image will end up being the cover of the book, but this is up to the publishing company.

I'm an individual writer (not company) that plans to publish her first fantasy book.

I'm looking for an artist or illustrator that is able to reflect the idea I have in mind. The topic is fantasy and the target group is, mostly, young people, around their twenties.

In the image I would like to have the face of a girl, wearing a black hood. Her face is split in 4 (vertically) with the colours (and texture) of the 4 elements: water, fire, air and earth.
She is having her both hands under her chin offering an necklace/amulet/token with a crystal-ball shape with blue steam inside.
Just under it should appear the title of "The kingdom of Korun".

If you feel inspired and you have a better idea, I give you the summary of the book:

Hera has lost her family. She wants to disappear from the Earth and she finds the way out to another world thanks to a token that is given to her. She lands in a world constructed under 6 elements (fire, aire, water, earth, light and darkness) and that it's controlled by 4 queens that are losing control of the elements. Each of them is able to control the element they are made of, but what they don't know is that the key is on the being that will be able to control the 2 remaining ones.
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