create website from scratch
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Programming / Database Development
Website Programming
Hello. I need a webpage to be done before in a month!
Not by Wordpress!!!
Starting from 0, can be in localhost!

Idea is similar: http://hiking.com-doit.net/

Front page: image with Name text and flags - if u click any, it redirects you to its language site (MULTILANGUAGE site) - I will write text you just create pages and place for content, e.g. "Contact form SPANISH" --> here i will rewrite content in spanish!

Wherever I am (e.g. in Events site) and i click on other language flag it takes me to Events site in that language!
THIS option is available at the end of menu (flags indicate)

Page has 1-1 side columns and 1 main content column in the middle!

I need
- CHAT (footer)
- contact form(menu) - new page
- social media buttons (column)
- cookies (footer)
- GO TOP arrow option (footer)
- LOGO to beginning of menu,
- Calendar with events - so SQL database (column)
- empty spaces for future ads (column)

I dont need design, just some pictures and space for content!


SEO, Device responsive

What I would like to ask is to make a diary while you are creating!

So I want that you log the steps, write as comments in programming lines and also text for me because i wanna know the process what and why u did, etc. IMPORTANT!!!

My budget is around 150 dollars...as i said, i dont need design, but SEO, responsive and other functions are important!

I am looking forward to your reply!
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