Video editor/producer for trailer & vlog episodes for a travel blog
Estimated Budget:
Between $500 and $999
Photography / Videography
Other Videography
I am looking for a video editor/producer for a travel-with-kids blog. // ABOUT: We are a family of four with two children, one preschooler (JT) and one toddler (CT). As a former financial professional (F) and a physician (myself) we left behind safe jobs and a six-figure annual income in January 2018 to start traveling around the world and exploring the planet. This is our mission: Adventure the globe. Learn together. Grow. We believe that learning and creativity comes from curiosity. And curiosity comes naturally. All we have to do is preserve it – among other things by telling true tales of amazing adventures all over the planet. Yet we are just a normal family writing about travel and family life. And we don’t spare out the odds. // Please, read the requirements and project description carefully. If you meet the requirements and you are interested in the job also send me some sample videos to proof your skills.

I look forward to your reply. Cheers, Chris

Video Editor/ProducerRequirements and Project Description:

Travel blog is looking for a post production video editor/producer for trailer production and regular vlog production.
The vlog is planned to be our second pillar besides the blog pillar.
First of all we would need help creating a concept for the trailer and the regular vlog format and some guidance to transform our ideas into a video.

? approximately 1 minute
? with music and voiceover (not us)
? on screen text
? emotional, motivational and engaging style
? call to action

Effects and video content:
? use of own material and external material possible
? style of officeflucht trailer (see below) with slowmo and timelaps effects
? drone footage

Role model for trailer:
Officeflucht: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r61pQSlvb2w
Filmmaker: Luca Koenig https://www.youtube.com/user/LucaKoenig/videos

Vlog episodes
? approximately 2 per month are planned
? editing style: motivational, engaging, funny, ironic, not taking ourselves to seriously, controversial, bit of sarcasm and cynicism

? intro, outro could be as simple as logo, graphic, url and call to action
? establishing shot with a travel motive and branded graphic like in saturdayandsunday.ch (see links)
? In order to avoid searching for music for each new video and also for brand recognition, we would like to work with a portfolio of a hand full of music clips. That music portfolio should be good for 80-90% of the edited material. Use of other music only if it really fits the situation and to create funny moments. Example: kid riding an oversized shopper like bicycle „born to be wild(like) music“, Kid doing heroic jump into the water: Baywatch(like) music.
? Follow us clickable call to action

Role model for regular vlog:
Filmmaker: Luca Koenig https://www.youtube.com/user/LucaKoenig/videos
saturdayandsunday.ch, but without the individuals talking (at least not for now). Probably voice over instead.
Work Onsite:
Bidder Location:
**No Preference**

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