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I have an existing OpenCart e-commerce website with about 700 products that I need to update from 2.2 to 3.0 It uses a customized theme and about half a dozen plugins, the ones that I anticipate possibly causing some hiccups are:

1). A plugin that allows product groupings (not just product options). For example a hose fitting that you can choose various options such as material, size, etc. and each one could have different price, product number, size and weight, etc.

This keeps the product pages and search results clean and simple. The buyer would search for "hose fitting" and instead of having to choose from 60-80 individual products which are essentially all 3-4 different products with options (2" Model One brass hose fitting, 2" Model One steel hose fitting, 2" Model One aluminum hose fitting, 3" Model One brass hose fitting, 3" Model One steel hose fitting, etc.) they are shown only 3-4 different models of hose fittings and then once they click on the particular model they want, they can choose the various options such as material and size from the product details page.

Each product variation has it's own product number and price.  The 2" aluminum fitting is going to weigh a whole lot less than the 4" steel fitting, and the 3" brass fitting is going to cost a lot more than the 1" steel fitting, etc. And price is listed as "from: " whatever the lowest priced option is until the customer chooses a specific option.

OpenCart 2.0 does not natively allow this kind of functionality, so we had to go with an aftermarket plugin. But because of how this plugin works and interfaces with the limitations of the database structure, I'm not sure how easy or difficult it will be to upgrade to OpenCart 3.0 and retain this functionality. There are a whole lot of the products that have lots of "child products" using this plugin.

2). And another plugin that allows you to list the price per unit. For example, most products will be sold per each, but many are sold per pair, per dozen, per case, per pallet, per gallon, per foot, etc. I'm guessing that this one should be more straightforward, but I don't know for sure.

I've checked and most of the plugins are compatible with OpenCart 3.0 but the 1-2 that aren't, you'll need to find a different plugin that does the same thing.

My main concern is this: I want this done right without messing stuff up. I really only know enough about OpenCart or programming in general to be dangerous and would much rather hire a professional that knows what they are doing instead of me tinkering around and getting myself into trouble. The upgrade needs to be done on a duplicate of the website so that any bugs can be worked out before going live.

Since the scope of the project is not entirely clear, I am OK with an hourly rate instead of a fixed price for this.

NOTE: I would really like to find someone I can trust to do this kind of thing on an ongoing basis. If this project goes well, I have another project for this same OpenCart website that I will hire the same person for immediately. That future project would be to add a shipping module that will calculate shipping costs for each order depending on which items they've ordered (some products are huge and very heavy and will need to be shipped by freight instead of UPS or FedEx).
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