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I am looking for a coder who is familiar with customizing WordPress and other page builders/CMS platforms.  I have a team of marketing professionals, all working remotely, who work on craft beverage websites (beer, wine, distilled spirts and non-alcoholic) in addition to other digital efforts.  Must be 21 years of age or older and willing to work as a 1099 contractor on a project-to-project basis.  Ideally the first project will serve as a jumping-off point for future work on other clients.

The project is to design a page that helps the website visitor select which beverage best matches them based on a number of different qualifiers.  The qualifiers will be on a range scale (think of a slider from 1-10, in whole number increments).  Each of the sliders will result in a number which, when combined with the other outputs, matches up with a single or set of beverages that best match that criteria.  There is javascript code available for the sliders which is just fine, but the point is to take the results from each slider (5-10 total) and return a set of beverages that match that criteria.  I would prefer an AJAX solution (no need for page refresh) with pagination.

The code should be self-contained with inline style and other attributes so that it can be easily inserted into a WordPress or other website page.  I'm currently using for one of my clients a WordPress plugin that helps to format beer descriptive pages with a picture and specs about the beer - ideally that would be returned in the results of the slider activity.

I'm going to ultimately provide this to my clients as a free service which means that minimal to no upkeep of the finished code is necessary.  However, I'm interested in best-practices with respect to coding and page design.

Please provide samples of your work in addition to a time and cost estimate for the project.  Again, if interested, this could lead to other work that could be done remotely on your schedule if interested.

Thanks for taking the time to review my project and respond if interested.

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