Where's my mom and dad
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this story is based on the real life I experienced. when I was born from infancy to elementary school, I was under the watch of my mother and father. when I entered elementary school I had so many problems that my father and mother could not bear to take care of me, because of my mischief. I realized when I was very brazen to others, teachers, and my parents. as a kid I like to take money, make schoolmates accidents. but I regret it all, to the point that my parents took me to a psychologist because they thought I had a mental disorder. I am very sad because my parents think I have a mental disorder, to be honest I experienced is due to lack of affection from my family. and finally I graduated from elementary school I am continuing high school and high school away from parents. and I began to feel since then it was not with family living alone only in charge of school and eat with sufficiently. I am almost crazy to feel it, because the ages of children smp can not be away from parents, but I remain patient because of where my father and mother are now that I often pride in front of others, I miss, I want to hug them and say apologize father mother has made you disappointed first, surely I will make you happy someday, wait for your daughter's success father mother
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