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In a world filled with great and humble people we tend to ignore our greatness and humility. The world is more concerned about achievement which is where we say life has led us to, but this has not been the case since we are left with choices that we make each day just to make ourselves perfect for life and neglect how we can probably give room to other aspects of life itself. The wind blows sometimes the way of life and at times the way of the people without having to affect it decisions and that is why we humans should stand up to our decision and take the lessons of the wind to be decisive In whatever choices we have to make and not blame life for our failures. The Intentions we have for ourselves facilitate how we get affected by the life we live in because of our way of life which we humans give the tag "Culture" which has affected our thinking perspectives and put our jurisdictions at risk just to save what is left of the race "Human".
The race is put at risk because of our decisions to move in with the distinguish exemplary life that we all take with importance because we think life can take a turn on us and we tend to forget the Almighty who himself gave us life for us to dominate and rule over it with all convenience running in our blood stream that has kept us alive since our meaningful existence. The race has given us a headstart to get to life first before we were born into this world and through the blood stream a greater advantage to finish what the race has started but we tend to give life a head start since we believe life has been In existence before the race and life has been in the race with humans.
The greatest regret of life itself is the race and life has regretted that the the race was not in existence before it. The race tend to price life away but life in it smart sense will always sell the race because the race will always leave life at a position the race met it. The achievements the race attains is not of benefit to both the race and life which leads to a saying that "vanity upon vanity and all is vanity". The wisdom the race attains to outsmart life is gotten from the Almighty who created life and knows how far the race goes with the wisdom the race claim to have gotten all and have left none for life. Race in the common sense of humans means running with one another to either get to a position or attain a high mark in a competition which leads to how the race has destroyed itself with the word race because it leads to a race trying to overshadow and conquer another race just to win the race or achieve the goals put forward to them. The ancient race down to the modern race have one thing in common which is the power and will to wanting to overshadow one and another and also rule over one another for a long period of time because of the power longing of some individual In the race which has led to conflict between two races with common peace uniting them. We the race are been presented with various dramas by life which unfolds according to the plan of the almighty who is the chief scrip writer while life is the screen the race takes up various cacts and performances that has already been planned. The rapid unchanging element of the drama still baffles the race and at the long run given a taste of what has been happening and would keep on happening from one generational race to another generational race. The almighty gives us the opportunity to pick our cast carefully but through our careless self we give into to the mistakes that life made us to be who we want without looking back at what is come in reversal. Our roles in the race has been neglected at various times and seasons not knowing the Almighty left us to deal with life and it dramas. The gap between the race and life is well bridged for a better understanding but the world as it has been designed has created a whole lot of space between life and race to never meet each other for a proper understanding of each other and this claim has been seen made visible by things that the race tends to pursue in life without getting a proper way of settings things away from the spotlight of life.
We should be greatful to life and the Almighty for the choices given to us one way or the other and the race should look for a way to reconcile with the struggles we go through for a better and encouraging world that would be ok for all the race to live in and recognise the Almighty as the giver of the race and life plays the role of the master of puppeteer  while we the race are just the puppet that plays along with the line used to control our actions and movement. The human race has gone some through various evolutions that has shaped our mode of thinking and through this process we have realised in one way or the other how we can make improvement to coping with life and it vices.
The race should know we are in between life and the Almighty....
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