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*This project has previously been completed in VB/ASP.NET; we are looking to have it re-written with the requirements listed below.  The software is designed to allow a dispatcher to dispatch units to a location or address and monitor their departing/arrival times and duration.  The source code will be provided to the awarded bidder for rewriting purposes.*

We are a software development company that writes custom programs.  Below are the requirements of our project:

-Rewritten in C#/ASP.NET, possibly MVC.
-Responsive layout.
-Enhance speed of queries, stored procedures (MSSQL), and ensure view is asynchronous.
-Spruce up view; ideas to make it cleaner and easier to navigate (but keeping as close as possible to the all-in-one view).
-Pre-plan information (top left box) and procedures (top right box) are dependent on address and call type.
-Procedures should include dispatcher announcements and what buttons to press for an alarm call.
-Searching by landmark should have predictive text; for example, typing "seven 11" should also find "7 11", or "7-11", or any similar variations and vice versa.
-Display landmarks nearby location within a short radius.
-Ability to search landmarks near a location.
-Ability to add notes when putting a unit out of service.
-Ability to click and drag units onto a call.
-Live unit tracking on a map.
-Different security levels for login.
-Ability to add and modify response codes for units.
-Ability to toggle and see the response codes of each unit for each call (for example, trucks can respond to the following codes: 21 (is time leaving), 22 (is time arriving at location), and 13 (time leaving location).
-Ability to add action buttons to calls for additional functionality (for example, additional alarm buttons for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th alerts to send out more units).
-Separate tab for standby units.

Experience Required:
-Minimum of 4 years experience with software development & database engineering.
-Knowledge of C#/ASP.NET/MVC (is a plus).
-Knowledge of MSSQL Server and stored procedures.
-Mindful of web security, SQL injection, etc.
-Experience with dynamic and responsive web layouts.

-All modified source code & database schema/stored procedures.
-A working, production-ready web application with the above requested modifications.

**All work performed is the exclusive ownership of Askdecom Computer Solutions**
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Askdecom Computer Solutions

New York, United States
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