Fractional CFO Opinion Letter for Hedge Fund
Estimated Budget:
Between $1,000 and $2,499
Accounting / Finance
CFO Services
Our new hedge fund's existing investment management partner has 2 1/4 years of good data showing that we can forecast annual ROIs between 90% and 215%. Extensive searches on the internet and published materials suggest our fund's methods might mean it’s the only fund of its kind on the planet.

Our new interim, expert CFO's final opinion letter must be from someone with *10 or more* solid years’ experience in at least one or a combination of these areas:  financial market fund investments, hedge funds, startups, and accounting for both startups and mid-sized companies. We might engage the services of two such professionals, who could produce two different letters.

As our highly-experienced professional who will authenticate what we have done, you provide third-party credibility. It is vital that you have a strong web presence with long-published company practice pages, showing your clear expertise in the practice areas above. We will expect that you have not only an excellent professional practice page but also an especially complete LinkedIn profile.

We have already engaged a well-known CPA firm and a well-known third-party fund administration firm. But our different, immediate need is for an interim, expert CFO who will deliver their opinion letter as an adjunct to the fund's private placement memorandum (PPM). Your CFO's opinion letter will not be integrated with the PPM. Your opinion letter will instead be an attachment to the PPM, authenticating that our past ROI data are real. The primary purpose of the opinion letter is only to authenticate our ROI data, and not necessarily to render an opinion on the suitability of the fund as an investment vehicle.

Our new, interim CFO expert may not submit their opinion letter as a CPA. That requires vastly different amounts of work, won't provide what we're requesting, and is often prohibited by professional CPA associations.

For someone who really knows what they're doing, it's estimated that with video conference calls with us to review our records and platforms, it might take a maximum of two to three days preparation time to ready the draft letter. It could take less if you happen to be quick. We'd then ask you, our interim CFO, to provide your draft letter to us, so that we might collaborate with you to make suggestions for the final draft.

As the fund's founders both of us have long, strong experience in our respective fields. We stage annual conferences about portions of our methods. We're advised by leading scientific researchers who are expert in those fields in which we work. We have already been offered ink in an upcoming mass-market book co-authored by a leading, respected scientist who is also one of our advisors. Our current tagline is Conscious Capitalism by Heart™.

Our fundamental business values are underlain by elevated consciousness. If we opt to interview you, at the very least you'll be pleasantly surprised at our methods. You might even be astounded.

For those candidates with whom we'd like to consider working, we'll offer you a mutual nondisclosure agreement (executed via e-mail) so you'll know exactly what we're doing and who we are. That agreement must be signed before your second interview. Thus we’ll expect you to be forthcoming about your experience, current activities, and future interests  -- as we will be with you.

A first interview (preferably Zoom) will be conducted for the best candidates. You’ll then be asked to discuss the background which underlies our investment methods. Although you don’t need to understand our methods, we prefer that you have an excited appreciation for them. In 2nd or 3rd interviews we can roll up our sleeves to envision how we might work together.

Yes, we're interested in considering your background as our long-term, fractional, expert CFO. This posting will remain open for a second person if we've already opted to work on an opinion letter with a first. There are always excellent matches available for any project or position. The best way to find someone like you is be forthcoming about who we are.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to communicating with you.
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United States

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6/8/18 9:16 AM PDT
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Michael D. Austin

California, United States
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