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What is Integrity?I wish to state that our character is really all we have to offer to our communities.We also need to think more about character.one meaning of integrity is moral constitution another is reputation.obviously,our  reputation is closely tied to our moral values.this leads me to think of integrity.it is a complex word denoted in its defition:the quality of wholeness and of being of sound moral principle,uprightness,honesty and sincerity.there is much meaning packed into those few words .certainly the world has the right to presume our honesty.honesty scratches the surface though.let's look at sincerity.we can all agree that sincerity is a quality important to mankid.however,most people have a healthy skeptism of  sincerity.Sincerity is easy to evince at least in the short term.it reminds me of words of writer and lexicographer Samuel Johnson as attributed to him by his biographer James Boswell in the Tour of the Hebrides:"Sir,are you so grossly ignorant of human nature as not  to know that a man may be very sincere in good principles without having good practice/"
 In our daily work we always should emphasize that people reach to people not to companies or organizations.we represent our organizations we personify them.we are the moving agents.it our integrity,our good practice that forms the basis for these relationships.why is it that communities and partners come to trust us?I beleive it is the quality of transparency or the inside-out congruence from living a life of  integrity in which our daily habits reflect our deepest values.when the inside of a person matches the outside,we are able to entrust ourselves to him or her.we are convinced that their values are consistent with our own.there is no known fear,nothing is hidden,we are transparent,and there is no deceit,only openness and honesty.what you see is what you get.these are qualities  that we cannot espouse about ourselves but rather are acknowledged of us by others.trust id to be earned,we ant proclaim it.it is not enough to simply say,trust me!i believe  that the principles of integrity and honesty ate the foundation of trust which is essential to cooperation and long tern personal and interpersonal growth.
 Integrity is an interdependent reality,you treat everyone by the same set of principles and in turn people will come to trust you.what are your principles?are they evident to others?it is no small matter to examine and articulate our principles.it requires self awareness and personal integrity.personal searching is essential in the development of leaders.you can't elevate  others  to higher purposes until you have first elevated yourself.when you clarify the principles that will govern your life and the ends that you will seek,you give purpose to your  daily decisions.a personal creed gives you a point of reference for navigating the sometimes stormy seas of organizational life.without a set of such beliefs,your life has no rudder;you are easily blown about by the winds of fashion.a guide prevents confusion on the journey.
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