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The CFC, Carbon Free Collective, is looking for a social media specialist to promote a number of crowd funding campaigns

The work description in a bit but first some background on CFC

How much money would you save if all of your car and house utilities were provided free of charge?  Hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars per month if you have a long daily commute or a lot of square feet to heat.

The CLF (Commoners Law Fund) and CFC (Carbon Free Collective) are 2 distinct branches / brandings of a registered non-profit corporation whose purpose is to do just that!!  Convert individual households from carbon based energy  to carbon free sustainable energy.

This is achieved by the cost effective implementation of solar home heat and power and EV (electric vehicle) technologies.

Most sustainable energy non-profits out there currently, only do awareness campaigns.

To really make a difference effort needs to be put into implementation at the grass roots level.  Adding one installation; and eliminating one barrier to that implementation, at a time.

CFC will take a BIG bite out of a household carbon emissions by replacing i) the family’s gas gussler with an affordable PRACTICAL EV (<$10k with 300k range)  and  ii) replacing  fossil fuel based home utilities with solar PV+T CHP (Central Heat and Power) - similar to Drake Landing Solar Community in Alberta - https://www.dlsc.ca/  .  

Technology & cost are no longer the limiting factors in going carbon free,  cold turkey.  The only barrier to the  transition is our resistance to change and  the human need for power and greed.  

We are lulled to sleep by cheap energy.  Canadians need to wake up. Get off the sidelines and start taking advantage of the cost and time savings this  renewable energy Solar Age Revolution can provide.

By now the auto industry  has produced a sufficient surplus of 1st generation EV’s.  Super cheap used EV’s that can be cost effectively  refurbished with new  battery technology to create an under $10,000 EV with a 300km range.  

EV’s with range need no longer be  just for the rich.  And just as EV’s go, so to should solar powered homes.  

Given our  Canadian winters, solar T (thermal); and not just solar PV  (PhotoVoltaic) technology needs to be combined with seasonal thermal energy storage for a carbon free winter time space heating solution

Once the solar powered CHP and refurbishing of cheap EV’s at scale is perfected via crowdfunding and prototype perfection,  the CFC will start a program going here in Canada  like this grid alternative program in the states. https://gridalternatives.org/

But for a complete solution.  Going 100% carbon free, cold turkey.

There is no doubt about any of that.  And no doubt its all completely doable.  Its time to getter done.

In preparation for the solar age revolution that is inevitably coming, the CLF -Commoners Law Fund - will remove the barriers; namely laws and attitudes, that impede the wide spread adoption of sustainable energy in peoples every day lives.

I need someone to implement the main stream media and social media campaigns.

At the moment I have 2 campaigns underway and will go 50/50 with you and the proceeds.

Both campaigns have established main stream media contacts so raising awareness will be easy

The First Commoners Law Fund Campaign:  The Private Curb-Side Charging Petition - www.carbonfreecollective.com.

To  gather in the pettitioners we have a set of  sustainable energy issues that clash with common sense  - municipal and superior court,.  Issues we want to start crowd funding for  immediately.  

EV charging has been in the news the last couple years regards to city beaurocrats trying to figure out how to achieve the lofty Toronot Vision 2050 carbon reduction goals.


Once we gather a bunch of petitioners over the next number of weeks  CFL will be  filing a  boulevard encroachment application to the City of Toronto on behalf of  James  Scarrow.

The city is sure to reject so this will  become an application to the superior court.  

Sadly the point to be made by all this madness is that changing the beaurocratic status quo will  be difficult and drawn out.

But its gonna make for one hell of a campaign fund raiser!!!

When we  have  caught the  media’s attention,  crowding for the production of a cheap EV (refurbishing 1st generation EV’s at scale)? with range extender trailer  will begin

Once we have established some street cred  and media attention by driving around in our  cheap EV with  back up battery range extender trailer in tow,  the 2nd CFC Campaign:? Design and Build of a Solar CHP (central heat and power) system to decarbonize  existing single family residences and save a tonne of money in utilities at the same time.

Play your own little part in making our world a better place for us all.  

Fight the Man!  Join the Collective!
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