Strategic Business Plan: An Investment Case for Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria
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That one major challenge facing investors decision to invest in sub-Sahara Africa has been the lack of data. This cuts across virtually all sectors. Data gives insight, direction and helps in both policy formation and decision making. As important as data is, it’s collection can be tasking and challenging especially for a country that lags in basic infrastructure needed for data collection to be stress free. This brief aims to highlight the importance of this project to Nigeria’s agricultural sector, the economy, the whole country and to us as a startup.
Nigeria at a glance
Nigeria with the largest population of black people in Africa and the world has over the decades been a major import dependent country practically importing everything it can cultivate or grow. The present administration after assuming office decided that Nigeria should not import what it can grow or cultivate. This policy lead to the immediate banning the importation of quite a number of commodities of which rice was one.
This single action has led to an agricultural revolution across the country but more visible in the northern part of the country where over 70% of the country’s arable land resides. To further complement the policy of the government’s the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) launched the rice anchor borrowers program. As recently restructure, this program aims to directly invests in the farmers via the Rice Farmers Association (RIFAN).
The Rice Farmers association of Nigeria (RIFAN) is the global advocate for all segments of the Nigerian rice industry with a mission to promote and protect the interests of its members. RIFAN has over 12.2 million members who are involved in Rice farming, Milling, Storage and Management, Trading and Marketing, Export, Research and Training and Allied businesses.
Objective of the RIFAN Enumeration Project
For sustainability, productivity enhanced into the future, RIFAN in partnership with the CBN realized the need for a comprehensive and verifiable database of the rice farmers. This will not only strengthen the anchor borrowers program but it is also expected that the program will help develop the entire rice value chain. The association currently boost of 12 million farmers.
With the total number of farmers under its association they are looking at developing a strategic investment plan, in key sectors that will affect its members directly or indirectly, most especially social development
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