Brochure design for Printing (corporate & artistic elements desired)
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Brochure Design

We are a Communication Solutions & Print Strategies company in the US.  We originally specialized in printing services but are currently rebranding, so that we can offer clients additional services (creative services, direct mail services, promotional branded items, etc.).  Print services will continue to be a large part of what we do.  Therefore, we are developing a number of our rebranded materials>

At this time, we are reaching out to you for the development of a top-notch Brochure.  What we will provide you with:

1) Text (brochure content, Callout Sections, Quotes)
2) Brochure format and style
3) Creative Direction.
4) New logo with black and white backgrounds
5) Picture of our business card, so that you can match the theme – for a consistent branding
6) Picture of our e-signature, so that you can match the theme – for a consistent branding
7) Square design (pending, but highly likely)
8) Specs 8X8 (Pending but highly likely)
9) 12 to 16 pages in total.

In terms of text, we have full 4 pages - about 1990 words. We have not figured out what format we want to use but it certainly will NOT be a bi-fold or tri-fold. We need something that serves as an example of our high-quality creative and production work, since “brochure services” is a product we offer clients – our piece needs to be first-class.  

The words are divided into 3 categories:

1) brochure content
2) Thought leadership/Top tips Sections (2 or 3 callout sections) to make the brochure more of a value piece to the readers
3) Quotes (2 or 3 Quotes throughout the piece)

In terms of the format, we will get back to you on size and style soon – we are discussing it with our print production team – However, happy to hear any recommendations you have regarding format?

One idea we have is that we use die cutting (cut out) of our abbreviation (three letters and a period) in large font on a black background for the cover. Then the second page that peaks though the cuttings of the three letters would be the three shades of blues, which are the official colors of our logo.  You would need to provide the correct artwork for the die cutting process. I attached an example of the peak through concept, so that you can visualize what I am thinking about in terms of the creative for the first two pages of the brochure. Please see the attachment titled “cover & second page” to see what we are potentially looking for in terms of the cover.

In terms of the inside, we would like colorful, high quality art related to our company, communications, printing, etc. (reading the brochure text should give you art direction ideas, so you can develop the concepts). We would like the artwork to be opposite text or be merged with text in certain pages.

In terms of the callout sections for our brochure, we want colorful full-page artwork on opposite with black boxes casing the callout text and full artwork across both pages with uniquely placed callout sections.

For the quotes, we want them to appear on black horizontal callout boxes layered across colorful artwork and framed with a white line, so they match our signature.

We also want a some of the brochure text/artwork appearing in black and white against a black page. We want a really top notch professional brochure but that is an artistic piece, to serve as one of our top products we can distribute to potential client. Therefore, the piece should:

1) showcases our die cutting skills
2) showcases our creative services skills (art work that is related and relevant to the content)
3) showcases our printing in high res colors (that is why we want some colorful pictures aligned with text)
4) showcases or printing in black and white (that's why we want black & white picture with black & white text)
5) showcases our creative writing (we wrote the brochure and want the content to jump off the pages)
6) Showcases our unique ability to place text in a manner that the words jump out and speaks loudly.

Since we will hand this out to potential clients, we want the piece to be kind of like an artbook, that showcases our best work as well as out services.

Thank you kindly for reading and responding to this project and good luck!
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