Turn warm leads to sales via email and phone for the "Facebook fan page cover video" web service
Estimated Budget:
Not sure / Determined by bids
Marketing / Advertising / Sales
This is a long-term project.
Please start with "Hi Abdullah" on your cover letter.
Otherwise, you'll be ignored.
Each sale will earn you $25 in commission.
My website https://www.b2c-video-ads.com/facebook-cover-video/ offers the "Facebook fan page cover video" web service.
Please go through the above web page.
I expect a fast response from you since I plan to start with you on this Friday already.
And I expect that you have a professional phone system with a flatrate to call at least US American numbers. Bonus points if you can call international numbers as well.

My prospecting process is like this:
I'm automatically mass-submitting my marketing message to the contact form of the websites by automatically adding the Facebook fan page URL of the company website to make it more personalized.
Then I'm emailing back and forth with the interested ones to inform them more.
Those are the hot leads.
Currently I have more than a dozen hot leads.
At first, your task is to call them as a consultant of B2C Video Ads and bring the hot lead to purchase this service.
For this purpose I'll forward you the email message exchanges so that you know the specific situation of every hot lead.
So, before you call the hot lead you'll know what their Facebook fan page is all about to make the lead "feel special" and to make it easier to get the sale.
Most of the time the phone number is displayed on the lead's Facebook fan page's about section.
Sometimes the hot lead leaves its phone number on the email exchange, too.

The second bigger group of leads are the warm leads who have received my message on their contact form but haven't answered me back.
Since they already know B2C Video Ads calling those people doesn't quite count as cold-calling.
I can provide you the data of those warm leads including company name, Facebook fan page URL and phone number on a CSC file.
That way a couple days would have been passed before you start to call them by reminding them that B2C Video Ads sent them a message on their contact form about the "Facebook fan page cover video" web service.
The amount of those prospects is huge, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to close the sale on the phone.

I don't have a phone sales script developed but you can be informed about my sales attempts by going through the email exchanges with the hot leads so that you can develop your own phone sales script.

The customer can submit basic information such as company name, company logo, website URL, Facebook fan page URL, slogan etc. on my website's questionnaire which you can see at https://www.b2c-video-ads.com/facebook-cover-video-request/ so that our team of video designers can customize the cover video.

After a couple of successful phone sales you'll get access to my G Suite email address in order to pursue sales via email, which you can of-course transfer to a phone call to close the sale.

During our live call on Skype I can setup a new Zap on Zapier so that you automatically receive an email confirmation to your email address after each sale.
That way it's transparent for both parties how many sales have been made so that the correct amount of money can be sent.

I'm looking forward to work long-term together with you.
Thanks in advance.
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