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Good day,
Please, read till the end.

I have a deal/offer for you, details would be disclosed if you are interested. The terms of the deal are following.
Most importantly: Every single detail that we would agree on if you decide to work with me, shall be put into agreement and signed.

I disclose every detail about the project and I will became your worker, you having 51% stake in the company, and me having 49%.
The time that this project needs to launch is 3 months. During those 3 months you would pay me a salary equal to 600$ a month. I can do everything connected with the project, it would be my full time job. Thus in 3 months you would be paying me 1.800$, and another 2.200 are needed for other expenses(which would be disclosed to you.)
After project launches you will continue to hold 51% until you are paid 100.000$ (which is 25 times more than your initial investment.) After you are paid the 100.000$, your stake in the company decreases to 10% and me having 90%.

You might be asking if this is such a great project with above mentioned profit numbers, why I am not doing it by myself. The reason is that at the moment, I need to provide for my Grandma's medication, so I need to make certain amount of money monthly, I cannot afford to not make money for 3 months, but on the other hand this project is better done sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your time,

I would be happy to answer every single question that you might have.

Kind Regards,

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