Travel Law Solicitor needed to check site t & c/faq/disclaimer
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Good Afternoon,

We are looking for a UK registered solicitor who can provide legitimate evidence they are a solicitor who specialises in a websites terms and conditions/FAQ.
We need our websites terms and conditions re-written so that they abide by ATOL/CAA/ABTA laws. We have received some feedback from the CAA on what they need revising to but would need a solicitor who specialise in this field of contract/business law to fully check all our current terms/faq and re-write/revise where applicable by researching our specific industry law.
Please be prepared to send all qualifications of your legal background alongside a UK number to verify you’re a legitimate solicitor with your proposal.
This is the feedback we have had so far from the CAA-
The way we work as a business is that we a travel agent. I have two written agreements with two ATOL flight holders of which we have a written agreement to trade on their ATOL licence. All our other suppliers are ABTA/industry accredited and we have business insurance too to cover us for public liability/professional indemnity.

CAA Feedback-
OK, from your email below and a very quick look at your website, I’m assuming you act as agent for all bookings? Does this mean you have no ATOL/ABTA protection of your own? Also, do you have IATA? On the basis you don’t have any ATOL, I’m assuming you don’t sell any flight-plus arrangements but only flight packages organised by third party tour operators and single components as agent?

On the above assumption, your T&C’s do need some work as they are currently an agency/principal hybrid. If you’re acting as genuine agent, this needs to be made very clear in your T&C’s, you should not setting your own cancellation charges, you should not increasing prices for currency fluctuations etc, you should not taking responsibility for changing bookings. As agent, you need to take a step back from all of this and direct customers to suppliers wherever possible.
They also said-
I additionally acknowledge the indication in your email that you do not yourself accept payment for flights, and I have also noted that both the FAQs page and the Terms and Conditions page of www.realdealholidays.com contain similar indications. However those appear to be contradicted by the part of paragraph 2 of the Terms and Conditions page which begins “Paying For Your Booking” and which states (with my italics): “At the time of booking your Single Component you agree to pay us either: - a non-refundable deposit as required by us and/or the supplier of the travel services”. The paragraph goes on to apparently suggest that RealDealHolidays.com will itself cancel a booking if applicable payment has not been made. I would be grateful for your confirmation of whether there are any circumstances in which RealDealHolidays.com itself will accept payment for either a flight-only booking or an flight package booking.
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