Looking for experienced sales person to provide hot leads | $125+ per deal
Estimated Budget:
Less than $250
Marketing / Advertising / Sales
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Online Food Ordering software/system for the Hospitality industry (eg.  Restaurants, Takeaways, Caterers, Hotels/Resorts, Airports, and more).  

The system caters to the needs of most hospitality businesses including resorts, restaurants, airports, caterers, company canteens, hospitals and more.  It can be used for takeaways, groups of restaurants and even for entire chains, even in cases where stores are located in different time zones.  A single instance of the system can cater for all these needs.

The system is Epson accredited and works on all Epson intelligent POS printers, but also works with other printers too (SMS, GPRS, wifi, LAN printers).  More detailed technical information is provided on the www.food-ordering.co.uk website.

Unique Selling Point:
This is the only system which can be bought as a software license at a one-off cost, without ongoing fees.  It is also the only one which can be completely customised if needed.

The system is also Epson accredited.

Job Description:

*Your role would be calling potential clients and selling/demonstrating to them the Online Food Ordering software.

*Once your leads are ready to order take their contact details and pass them onto me, I will then get a developer to contact them to go through the technical aspects of the software and they will finalize the deal.

*Once the customer has paid, you will then be paid a week after.

*If your lead spends under $3600 then you will receive $125, if they spend over $3600 then you will be paid 10% of the total sale value.

*Make sure the leads you provide are very warm to hot leads, there should not be any need of selling once you pass the leads over, apart from upselling or extras. The client must be certain that they are interested to buy. Once you have a lead send it so I can add it to the database to be contacted. I would rather have 5 high-quality leads in a month than 100 low-quality leads.

*The leads can come from anywhere in the world. Make sure the contact person in the leads can speak English.

Tip: Most of our customers are web and app developers, so if you have lots of contacts in this field then you could hit the ground running.

Requirements for the role:

*Clear speaking telephone manner, with a good command of English.

*Able to work intuitively, and proactive.

*Love sales, and able to set your own targets and surpass them (a good target would be at least one lead a day).

Minimum 2 years sales experience.

Self-employed sales professionals should consider working with our company because:

*The system is easy to be sold once the client sees what it can do.

*It is Epson accredited.

*It has a one-off cost for customers, which makes it very attractive.

*Can be sold to hospitality businesses as well as web designers/developers.

*The majority of clients want it customised, meaning that what may start as a 4.5K project can easily become a 15K one.

Please answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

1. Have you visited www.food-ordering.co.uk, can you tell me one USP?
2. How many years do you have in sales?
3. Do you understand that you will be paid only if the leads you provide makes a purchase, so it's imperative they are high-quality leads?
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