payroll feature in the below Sentrifugo software.
Estimated Budget:
Less than $250
Programming / Database Development
Website Programming
We need help from PHP developers who can implement the payroll feature in the below Sentrifugo software.
There is a free HR software available with the name of Sentrifugo.
The requirements are:
1. Tax calculation
2. Deduction support
3. Delivery mode
4. Tax form support
5. Check and check-stub printing
6. Direct deposit
7. Reporting
8. Cancellation of Payroll
9. Flexibility in payment schedule(weekly, monthly, etc)
10. off cycle payroll (Generate payroll at any time)
11. Vacation & sick days
USA PayRoll Components:
1. Payroll will include information about their salaries and wages, tax withholdings, and other compliances such as medical reimbursements, HRA, Insurance ,401K deductions among others. Efficient payroll software establishes precision, stability and consistency in payroll functions. The payroll system can be integrated with other systems such as time and attendance management or leave management or an organization’s present solutions for accounting, sales ledger or recruiting.
2. Integration with other management systems :
The alignment of payroll system with other applications such as time tracking, attendance, accounting or recruiting is a precondition for modern organizations. This eliminates problems such as duplicate data entries or miscalculations.
3. Managing Employee Data:
As the most practical consideration, payroll system will be able to access employee data
and should be configurable to automatically assign different payroll systems according to the employee salaries.
4. Easy to access and use:
An efficient payroll will not require a lot of time to get involved with it or to learn to use it. Employees must be able to easily go through their paycheck information without having to lose a great deal of time over figuring out the application.
5. Generating pay slips:
The payroll will automatically generate payslips for employees at the end of each salary month or according to the organization followed format.
6. Tracking effective Employee time:
It is essential to keep a record of employee time and absences, including the tracking of late reporting, overtime or leaves. The payroll will work in accordance with employee calendars to track how long the employees have worked.
7. Security:
Because payroll is concerned with important employee information, it is significant that the software maintains integrity and confidentiality of the payroll data.
8. Consolidated reporting:
Payroll management will generate meaningful reports that can aid in other decision making functions such as adding staff members or checking employee overtime.
9. Managing taxes and compliance:
The payroll will take care of tax filing and reporting. It will also look after the complaint with central and state requirements such as Federal and State tax deductions and the like. It should automatically incorporate any latest updates when there are changes in regulations.
10. Attendance Management System
11. Reporting
12. Cancellation of Payroll
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