Long Term Fitness Writer Needed at 4000 Words Per Week
Estimated Budget:
Between $2,500 and $4,999
Writing / Editing / Translation
Article Writing/Editing
IMPORTANT: This is a long term, serious job, with the high possibility of pay-rate increase in the near future, so please treat it seriously!


Hi, Steve here, the main editor of a popular fitness website that is specialized in bodyweight training and calisthenics training. The site receives over 50,000 visitors per month and our goal with the site is now to grow it and cover a lot more fitness & health related topics outside of just bodyweight training.

We want to bring some of the best, most actionable and helpful fitness content to people who visit our site, through engaging, relate-able and well written content, so that they can effectively change their lifestyle!

This is a LONG TERM writer position.

Your job would be initially to write 2-3 posts per week, each at least 1,500+ words at ONE DOLLAR PER 100 WORDS RATE. If you want to ask for more than $1 per 100 words don't even bid on this job, I'm very sorry but I can't afford to pay more than that. I'll always give you the 3-4 new topics/keywords to write about on a weekend one week in advance, so you'll have until next weekend to write the 3 posts, that is the deadline.

Here's what your job would be:

*I'll always give you the general outline, structure and main bullet points of each article, your job is to "fill up the skeleton".

*I'm sorry, but ZERO FLUFF IS ACCEPTABLE: Please don't write sentences like "Losing weight is difficult. But if you put in a lot of work,  make the necessary sacrifices, follow the right workout routine and eat the right diet you'll succeed." Everyone knows this, and it offers zero concrete or new information.

*Write in a personal, friendly tone, always say "I" instead of "we" and act as if you were talking from personal fitness/health experience and personal research.


*Use plenty of formatting whenver possible to make the content more easily readable: bullet points, headlines, sub-headlines, tables, callout boxes, pro/con comparison columns etc...

*Maximum 3-4 sentences per paragraph, each paragraph should cover only one core idea/aspect.

*Avoid the passive tone whenever possible.

*No run-on sentences, try to break long sentences into 2-3 shorter ones instead.

*Only very minor SEO is involved: basically just have the keyword I give you in the title and in 2-3 headlines in the post and 2-3 times throughout the body of the article. Don't worry about keyword density or anything else.

And finally, of course you must have excellent English, grammar and punctuation skills. I'll also be using the writing style you use with me here on UpWork to gauge your writing skills. So if you start your sentences with lower case, write u instead of "you" etc... I'm sorry but I won't be able to consider your proposal.

Again, this is a long term, serious job, with the high possibility of pay-rate increase in the near future, so please treat it seriously!

What you'll get:

*$1 per 100 words, so around $40 per week initially, pay-rate increase will be given every month

*5 star rating from me

If you read it this far, congratulations, you must be a serious candidate for this job. However you apply and bid, please don't start your application with "Dear Sir" or "Dear hiring manager" or any pre-written template, as in that case I'm gonna have to reject your application right away.

I do have a name, please call me that!

Looking forward to your application,

1, Please send me the BEST article you think you've even written on a fitness/health related subject that is between 1000-2000 words.

2, Is your rate $1 per 100 words or lower? (Unfortunately I can't pay more initially, but there is pay-rate increase every month.)
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