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We have traveling sales reps acquiring new retailers for our product.  We do not want to provide these sales reps with STAFF accounts on Shopify, or other backend admin privileges to our platform.  Instead, we want to provide a simple interface for these sales reps.  The existing Shopify platform checkout workflow is nearly sufficient. They can log into our B2B Shopify website, personally make the customer a new Shopify account, enter their email, billing and shipping information, and then process their first order as Net 30 terms.  

The problem with this is that when our sales reps make them an account, place this first order, and then pay by “Manual Payment: Net 30”, this order arrives in Shopify’s backend as being “PAYMENT PENDING”.  We lose the LATER ability to capture payment by credit card (phone), or have the customer pay by credit card themselves VIA Shopify emailed invoice.  We also lose the ability to easily re-invoice clients by email with a simple click of a button - like a “DRAFT” order provides.

Our current workaround is to duplicate the incoming Net 30 order, make a new “DRAFT” order in Shopify, then invoice this second draft order to the client so that we can accept a payment by credit card later, or they can pay it by credit card online - by emailed Shopify invoice.  Then we have to cancel the previous first order, and then entirely DELETE that order to get it out of the system.  This process is to confusing and time consuming, especially with high volumes of retailers to manage.


We want to streamline this entire process. We want NET 30 orders to basically process the same way in the cart, except when “Manual Payment: NET 30” is selected, the completed order would show up in Shopify’s admin as being either unpaid or as a DRAFT order. This will allow upper management the ability to later send a payable INVOICE reminding customers of payment requirements, and later allow them to make a payment directly within the Shopify platform.

If the reps could easily make DRAFT orders, these incoming orders would be easy to manage, invoice, and take payments for at a later time.

Other Key points

- No secondary / separate external database wanted. We want everything contained under the primary Shopify platform.  Especially because we move data between Quickbooks.  
- We don’t want to have to switch between Shopify apps. We have explored apps like Sufio and DeferPay, and it adds to many extra steps. Even though they can issue invoices and accept payments on their invoices, this does not connect directly to Shopify and show orders as paid. There are still additional steps involved which we want to eliminate.
- Our reps are NOT capturing credit card information at time of sale.  We do not want to hold CC information on file.  The customers will provide CC info when they call in or process payment online.
- We want these first orders to show up as UNPAID in customer’s Shopify accounts if they log in.  Currently draft orders are not visible in customer’s Shopify accounts - even when the draft order is assigned to them.

SHOPIFY DRAFT ORDER API OVERVIEW:  https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/draftorder

If this project is completed efficiently and in a timely manner - we will offer the option to complete other programming problems we require solutions to.

Thank you.
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