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How do I add or/and remove social verification badge?
To add or/and remove the social verifications follows these steps:


  • Log in. Go to "My Profiles" in the My Stuff menu.
  • Select the profile you want to add verifications to.
  • In your profile data section, click on the button for the social network you would like to get verified (only you see the buttons).
  • A pop-up window should open asking you to log in to that that social network. Enter and submit your login credentials.
  • After logging in, the social network button should be replaced by a badge for that network.
  • Repeat for the other networks and user profiles as you see fit (you can link to the same social account from multiple freelancer profiles).


  • Log in. Go to "My Profiles" in the My Stuff menu.
  • Select the profile you where you want to remove the badge.
  • In your profile data section, next to the social badge, click the "remove link".
  • After refreshing, the badge should be removed and the account unlinked.
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