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How do I submit a winning bid?
Employers post their projects to iFreelance.com because they have a specific need. As a employer reviews the bids that he/she receives for their project, there are a few key things that they look for. In general, the employer is interested in serious bids only. Below, we have outlined a few important things you can do to submit a bid that is more likely to receive an award.

  • Proposal Detail: Your proposal should contain as much detail as possible. Employers are more likely to issue you an award when your proposal contains a detailed explanation of what you will accomplish if selected.
  • Proposal Accuracy: Your proposal should be specifically worded to address the requirements of the project and should not contain boiler-plate wording. Make sure your proposal explains to the employer how you will help them complete their specific project and meet their specific needs.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Your proposal should contain professional language and correct spelling and grammar. Take your time, proofread, and spell-check your proposals before submitting your bids.
  • Realistic Price: It is highly recommended that you stay within a project's budget whenever possible. Bids that are over or under budget are not awarded as frequently as bids that are within budget. By staying within budget, you improve the "project match" indicators displayed on your bids. The budget "project match" indicator on your bids will show green when you bid within budget and red when you bid over or under budget.
  • Timing: By submitting your bids soon after new projects come online, you can greatly improve your chances of receiving projects awards. Bids submitted quickly are listed above bids submitted later. Also, employers tend to prefer freelancers who bid quickly, as this demonstrates an eagerness and excitement to participate in their project.

To maximize your bidding success, we highly recommend that you review your profile's performance tools and leverage this information to improve your profile and bids as much as possible.

Please note: Employers are not required to award their projects. If the employer does not receive any bids worthy of the project award, then the project will likely be cancelled or otherwise not awarded. Please do your best to ensure that the employer does not reach this conclusion and is able to award their project.
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