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What is a Featured Project?
By paying an upgrade fee of $9.95, employers may upgrade their project to a Featured Listing to take advantage of the following benefits:

Better Bids - With a featured project, employers emphasize their project commitment to service freelancers which will bring higher quality bids. Service freelancers tend to submit more bids containing more detailed proposals when they know a employer is willing to invest in a Featured listing.

More Bids - Featured projects receive special promotion to attract the most bidders possible to the project. With more bids, employers realize better prices and have more award options. Featured projects automatically receive the following enhanced promotion:
  • Homepage Listing - Featured projects are prominently displayed on the iFreelance.com homepage which is viewed by thousands of visitors every day. This is, by far, the most visible page on our entire website. As featured projects near the awarding phase, they are rotated onto the homepage.
  • Exclusive Search - When service freelancers search for projects to bid on, they are often only interested in featured projects. To assist these service freelancers, a special search option is available to only show featured projects in their search results.
  • More Alerts - In addition to alerting the service freelancers in the project's subcategory, we will also manually review the project and send alerts to additional service freelancers that may be a fit for the project. On average, we send about 30% more alerts than with non-featured projects.
  • Featured Icon - The Featured Project icon is displayed prominently on featured projects anytime they are shown, drawing extra attention to the project.
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