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Why can't my profile be listed in multiple primary categories?
Freelancer profiles are listed in specific primary categories. Within each category, there are several subcategories. A profile may be listed in multiple subcategories within its primary category. The number of subcategories that can be selected is dependent upon the membership level.

When a project is posted, it is posted to a specific subcategory. Bids are only permitted for projects where the subcategory of the project and one of the subcategories of the profile match.

For example, a profile listed in the category "Graphic Design" may be used to bid on any project listed in any subcategory of "Graphic Design" (Logo Design, Web Design, etc.). However, a profile listed in the category "Graphic Design" may NOT be used to bid on any project listed in any subcategory of "Writing" (Creative Writing, Technical Writing, etc.).

These category boundaries exist because employers prefer not to have to sift through dozens of bids from freelancers who do not specialize in their area of interest. Without categorical boundaries, freelancers would likely submit cross-category bids on many of the projects, making it difficult for employers to find the right service freelancer. In addition, it would be difficult for a single freelancer profile to portray expertise if that profile is trying to cover more than one primary category.

Please note that all users may have multiple freelancer profiles listed in whatever categories they choose. We charge a membership fee for each active freelancer profile.
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