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How is iFreelance.com different from other freelance websites?
iFreelance.com offers a unique opportunity for freelancers and employers. Our primary goal is to remove boundaries and limitations that, until now, have created interference and complications in the working relationships between freelancers and employers.

No commissions
We don't charge any commission for work done by freelancers. Actually, there is no charge at all for employers to use our website. And freelancers are charged one of the lowest membership fees in the industry and nothing more. Not only does our no commission policy save you money, but it encourages more projects to reach completion. On other freelance websites, completing a project means you have to pay a commission. At iFreelance.com, there is no commission to avoid, so more projects are completed.

Open communication channels
Unlike many of the other freelance websites, we allow and encourage open communication between our customers. Contrast this with the other freelance websites where communication between employers and freelancers is strictly prohibited because it may exclude those sites from commissions and fees they insist upon charging. How can people work together effectively and make informed decisions if they are not allowed to communicate? At iFreelance.com, we allow our customers to communicate in whatever way they choose. We provide online discussion features and allow freelancers to optionally reveal their contact information to employers.

Freelancer marketing
Unlike many of the other freelance websites, we encourage our freelancers to set themselves apart and promote their unique service offerings. Because other freelance websites are dependent upon commissions, they cannot allow freelancers to promote their individuality. At iFreelance.com, we enable freelancers to promote themselves as individuals by allowing them to create rich profiles and portfolios. Freelancers can also upload identifying logos and headshots, reveal selected contact information, and even promote their own websites.
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