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West Hollywood, CA  United States
.The heart and soul of the Natural Life Center is our Natural Health Improvement Programs, a comprehensive approach to treating weakness in the body by restoring health. During your visits at the clinic, our talented staff of professionals will assess your health status. Your doctor will then prescribe a personalized program of nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications, and other specialized therapies.

 Patient education is an important component of the Natural Health Center Improvement Program. You will attend informative workshops where you'll learn and discover information on over - the - counter medications as well as the benefits of natural therapies and whole food supplements. You will also be given exercise instruction and information to be able to make and make better food choices.

 We specialize in therapies you won't find in any other single clinic. These include whole food supplements that provide specific cellular support, that are more complete than vitamins and mineral supplements.

We also offer Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV) based on Chronos Algorithms to determine overall fitness level and overall health status and Surface Electro mylograms (SEMG) testing to help aid in spinal muscular problem detection that we know as degenerative joint disease (DJD).  Nutritional Reflex Testing is performed to specifically locate weaknesses found within the body. As well as laser based acupuncture, and without puncturing the skin (Meridian Therapy) for pain control and multiple other health concerns.

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