Carleton Towns

Carleton Towns
Trenton, Georgia  United States
2 - 5
Thank you for your interest in Ekko Graphics.

We are a full service company, from logo design to logo usage on all of your business and/or personal needs.
We take your logo or other graphic and place it on shirts, caps, key chains, coasters, license plates, hitch covers, name tags, bookmarks, and many more products using a sublimation process to create full color products for you or your customers.
We also work with vinyl signage, creating a custom package for your business or personal needs. We can take your logo or business card and create storefront window signage or apply to your commercial vehicle. We make signs of varying sizes from outdoor storefront to small P.O.P. signage to attract or direct customers, generating sales which makes you happy and everyone involved wins.

As a side note:
We also design CD/DVD Covers, designing many for our own purposes as our owner is a singer, songwriter, musician also. This carries over into audio editing, sound clip design, and even voice acting.

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