Anarchy Images: The Alternative Photo Agency
New York, New York  United States
About us

"My reasons for starting Anarchy Images are wholly based on my love of photography and personal vision on the direction of the photography market. I envision a community between photographers and agency. Both dedicated to providing the highest quality imagery in stock and photojournalism, where in depth journalism is nurtured and encouraged, and where the next generation of great photographers will be created."

Jason Pagan has been working in photography publishing for thirteen years. He has worked for The Bettmann Archive, Corbis and most recently Black Star as the Special Projects Director. He attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice studying Deviant Behavior and Social Control. In 2004 Jason received a certificate
in Journalism from New York University and has been a guest
speaker at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, New York University, and The International Center of Photography.


To nurture and support talented photographers in order to provide only the highest possible quality photography. To this end, Anarchy Images Inc. is committed to forging a lasting relationship with its photographers and clients through providing:

 1. A clear and open line of communication between photographer, agency and client.
 2. An organization that will not only respond to the needs of our clients and photographers but to their future goals as well.
 3. A peer-to-peer structure where the photographers can receive feedback from agency and from each other.
 4. A solemn commitment to the integrity of the image.
 5. The drive and commitment to being the best.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment speaks to the human condition. It is the belief of Anarchy Images that by working closely with the photographers on every step of the creative process we are able to produce Images of a higher quality and with greater lasting and social significance then our competitors.

Photographer and agency working together for the greater social, ethical good.

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