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Please read our house rules:

1. We are always honest and we expect absolute honesty from our provider. If you can't do something, just say so. Never waste our time. Never push us to give you good feedback, it's dishonest.

2. If we are happy with you, you will receive good feedback and more business in the future. If you have been dishonest or unskilled, we will give bad feedback.

3. We usually outsource because we lack the time, not the skills. This means we will be critical, regardless of the price.

4. No upfront payments until we see proof the cooperation is viable or we've had prior positive experiences.

5. We will add the worst offenders to our blacklist below.


- UKOutsource: dishonest about skills; said they have in-house programmers, but we found our exact project description on a Chinese iFreelance equivalent; made false claims about it (thanks babelfish for the translation); we aborted the project after wasted time; had the audacity to expect a 10/10 review.

- DreamzTech: very polite but absolutely unskilled. False advertising about skills: we asked for object-oriented PHP code, got horrendous code riddled with obvious security holes (e.g. SQL injection); aborted the project; seems to have fraudulent glowing reviews; blames the client by giving them false bad 1/10 reviews.

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